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Which cricket legend am I?

Many people have forgotten about me and I'm angry about that. So i'm just going to give you one clue.

I scored the first run in International cricket.


wow! to be honest, I thought the answer was Charles Bannerman. But after Toby's answer I realized that it was actually James Turner. Dang! Nice job Toby. btw...that match was horrendous. lol.

I agree with Troll Buster in a way. it IS ironic that the first international match was between Canada and United States lol. how strange! but I don't think cricket is unpopular in Canada. Actually, I think they are one of the most rapidly developing cricket nations.

Toby, you got BA mate

Update 2:

here's James Turner's profile:

not much is known about the guy. That's how long back this was.

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