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why cant i fly my confederate flag without you thinking im racist?

slavery was not an issue until late in the civil war. it was about the states rights and the north was pressuring the south with their ideas and beliefs. aint it quite ironic that the north sold slaves to the south but was trying to stop the south from having slaves?

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    I am a confederate reenactor in Illinois and my view on the whole flag situation is this:

    The flag that almost every billy bob flys from his pickup truck and KKK members wave in front of everyone else is a battle flag only used to differentiate between US and CS troops during the war. Since the actual CSA flag looks almost identical to the american flag. A battle flag, that is all it ever was and will be. I think it is horrible that certain groups use it as a rally flag for racism and indifference. Those groups have no right to use that flag. 95% of soldiers in the CSA were not slaveholders and were mostly fighting for states rights and not to have so much damn government somewhere else tell them what to do.

    Now why some people have that opinion that you cant fly that its racist is because they have been brainwashed into thinking that by our lovely public schools where the government controls what the teachers teach, control what goes into the text books and if you were like me in american history class kicked out of class for telling other student the truth that is not in the teachers book.

    Be sure to thank your federal government!

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    It's a touchy subject, no doubt.

    What is now often called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually a combination of the battle flag's colors with the Second Navy Jack's design), despite its never having historically represented the CSA as a nation, has become a widely recognized symbol of the South. It is also called the "rebel" or "Dixie" flag, and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" (the actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different design).

    I do not own one. I do believe in having the RIGHT to own one if someone wants to, though.

    I may not agree with it, but that's what makes this country great.

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    Your have the right to fly that flag anywhere you want ( in your private property ). And people are wrong for assuming youre racist. But your WRONG thinking that people shoudnt interpret the flag as a symbol of slavery. They are not ignorant; they are historically justifiable, and Im talking in an accurate historical context, not a revisionist neo-confederate one.

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    that is true that the north did that.....

    but the south IS known for its racism

    i live in south carolina and it is still very racist

    this could be a large discussion so i'll narrow it down to this:

    a confederate flag represents the men and women who died for the south just like a swastika says oktoberfest

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    your right

    it was about states rights

    and one of the rights was the ability to count slaves as property

    so some people equate that with racism

    i know there were other rights involved

    but you can't ignore that this one right they were fighting for

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    You can fly the flag if you want. I don't think you are a racist because of it. It is about your heritage. My husband is from the south and we have a confederate flag in our home and neither of us are racists.

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    d00d whats wrong with being racist?

    I gotta joke for you...

    Whats the difference between scar from the lion king and obama?

    Scars a black lion

    Obamas a lyin black.

    hope this helps bud.

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    Historys gone mate, narrow minds.

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    Not much makes sense in this country and we're told what they want us to hear in history class.

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    Because they don't understand the history buddy, they narrow it down to one point of view.

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