How to gain muscle??

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how to gain muscle in top and bottom fore arm? all i have is a 15 pound dumb bell? im 16 about 5'8 140 and if you have another tips you want to tell me that would be great.
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  • Pete answered 5 years ago
you need to buy more weight is the first thing you should think about. one 15 pound weight will not really be enough for anything. here is a video though for a great forearm exercise you could try with that one dumb bell though. whe you buy more weight, you should get a curl bar. there is a ton of things you can do with it. best of luck my friend!


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Thanks I just did and i could bearly make a fist. appreciate it
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  • answered 5 years ago
    work out and eat protien
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  • II PAR4NOID II answered 5 years ago
    Use this workout
    You will need plenty of calories so i recommend you clean bulk meaning eat lots of healthy foods including lots of meat and carbohydrates. Avoid junk foods and make sure you get plenty of sleep per night.
    However, i recommend joining a gym as there is much more equipment which is available to you.
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  • Melody answered 5 years ago
    Another good way to gain muscle (muscle in general) is to swim. I used to be a shrimp, this is coming from a generally exercise-a-phobic teenage girl, but swimming is a fun, easy way to get exercise. I mean swim like butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, breastroke, although doggy paddle is just as good as the others.
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