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Will the NFL ever have another expansion team?

I think that the NFL has enough teams. But will they ever make room for another? If so, where?

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  • Paul
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    1 decade ago
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    Ah Mr R, that great country "Eroupe".

    Goodell has said specific to LA that the NFL has done fine without LA and LA has done fine without the NFL, but they would be better together. At one time, I understand the Chargers were threatening to move there. That actually makes some sense. LA is famous for fair-weather and bandwagon fans leaping on to post-season runs by the Dodgers and Lakers and the Chargers are also famous for attracting those fans. But the likelihood is that was just a ploy to get cities in San Diego county to commit to at least part public finance of a new stadium.

    Goodell is also quite non-commital (kind of "we love that city and one day it sure would be great to have a team there") on Toronto and San Antonio, who would appear to be the 2 other most likely cities for a team move or to compete for an expansion team. Toronto would be an expansion team because if you move the Bills then the State of New York has no team at all, and that just doesn't work.

    As recently as last October Goodell said that team expansion was not something being seriously considered right now, but that he does favor expanding the existing season to 18 games by transferring 2 of the pre-season games into the regular season for each team.

    I still have to believe though that expansion will occur one day. Goodell stated when he was appointed that it was his "mission" to expand the NFL to 40 teams within 20 years.

    There will never be a franchise in Europe (or Eroupe) as long as it takes over 7 hours to reach most contries and major cities there. It would be just too grueling for away teams and the TV scheduling would be nightmarish. Once they invent a replacement for Concorde, they might be able to work out the scheduling issues.

    EDIT: sylverant25: I am intrigued by some of your choices and would like to add my perspective:

    My hopes for teams:

    1. Los Angeles, CA (and not Rams or Raiders, but expansion) - Agreed.

    2. San Antonio, TX - Agreed now. When they first started talking about it I wasn't convinced, but OK.

    3. Milwaukee, WI - Most people in Milwaukee are hereditary Green Bay fans or Chicago fans. Not sure the city can support it's own franchise without diluting the other teams which is a major concern and a no-no as far as the NFL is concerned.

    4. Las Vegas, NV - I agree that would be great, but the NFL is very strict in its' no-gambling policy and putting a team there would mean a whole lot of corporate money going into the team from local gambling concerns (part ownership or skyboxes etc.), so I don't realistically see that happening.

    5. Tucson, AZ - NEVER HAPPEN. Tucson is a rinky-dink city under the best of circumstances and the Cards can't even sell out early playoff games.

    6. Oklahoma City, OK - See Tucson for my objection to OK city. It's not a vibrant place and The Sooner state loves their college football which is often not a good sign for pro teams.

    7. Albuquerque, NM - Interesting. I had not considered it. I think this would definitely be worth looking at.

    8. Memphis, TN - Unlikely, I really don't think Tenessee can support 2 franchises and it makes the lack of a team in 'Bama or Arkansas hard to excuse.

    Markets to pass on:

    1. Anything international including Canada - Why not Canada? What is wrong with internatioonal expansion? I hope this isn't just jingoism, because international markets will one day be the key to growth for the NFL.

    2. Another Chicago, IL - I am with you on this, but kind of suspect that Chicago, being as huge a sports town as it is, could possibly financially support a second team.

    3. San Jose/Sacramento, CA (they could support one, but it's in CA) - If a city can support a team why would you consider cities that might not be able to do so (Tucson, OK City, Albuquerque) ahead of one just because it's in the same state as some existing teams?

    4. Columbus, OH (no teams in the HOF please) - Agreed, couldn't support it anyway.

    5. Austin/Fort Worth/El Paso, TX (bring in San Antonio, but no more) - I think Texas should be done at 3 also, although Austin might be good to go one day.

    6. Louisville, KY - Agreed. College town, college FB state.

    7. Portland, OR - It's probably number 4 on the NFL potential list, so as much as you and I agree on this one, it might get a team sooner than we'd wish.

    8. Little Rock, AK - Agreed

    9. Wichita, KS - Agreed

    10. Salt Lake City, UT - Hmmm, not sure here, booming "young" city could do very well with a franchise. I think I disagree with you.

    11. Etc, there's a ton of highly populated cities in the US

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  • GaryE
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    1 decade ago

    I have read reports that the NFL wants to have a team in Toronto and LA. Whether those will be expansion teams or teams which relocate who knows?

    The Toronto team very well might be the Buffalo Bills (they have been complaining about their stadium and lack of fan support for quite a few years) and they have an out in their lease deal that would let them get out of their lease at any time.

    The LA team might be the Rams. If memory serves their stadium deal is up at the end of the 2012 season and the Rams have already been threatening to move to LA.

    However, those might both just be ploys to get the various stadium authorities to build the team(s) a new stadium. Every time an NFL lease is up it seems like the owner(s) are threatening to move the team in order to get a better stadium deal.

    I know the NFL would like to have a team in the LA market (it being the 2nd largest city in the nation) but I really do no think there will be expansion in the next 2 or 3 years.

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  • FIFA
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    1 decade ago

    Not for a while. The NFL has 32 teams allowing for eight divisions of four. If they add another expansion team they would probably add a couple teams to allow for a even number of teams. There is a better chance that an existing team will move to a place like Los Angeles to get a team over there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes of course the NFL will expand.

    Creating 1 more team (making the total 33) won't matter. We survived just fine before the Texans came along a few years ago.

    I would like to see 8 more teams in the next 20 years or so and then cap it there.

    My hopes for teams:

    1. Los Angeles, CA (and not Rams or Raiders, but expansion)

    2. San Antonio, TX

    3. Milwaukee, WI

    4. Las Vegas, NV

    5. Tucson, AZ

    6. Oklahoma City, OK

    7. Albuquerque, NM

    8. Memphis, TN

    Markets to pass on:

    1. Anything international including Canada

    2. Another Chicago, IL

    3. San Jose/Sacramento, CA (they could support one, but it's in CA)

    4. Columbus, OH (no teams in the HOF please)

    5. Austin/Fort Worth/El Paso, TX (bring in San Antonio, but no more)

    6. Louisville, KY

    7. Portland, OR

    8. Little Rock, AK

    9. Wichita, KS

    10. Salt Lake City, UT

    11. Etc, there's a ton of highly populated cities in the US

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not for a while. The league has 32 teams now which evenly divides into 8 divisions of 4.

    If they do expand, it would probably be to 34 or 36 teams. The league would not want an odd number of teams then every week someone would have a bye week (Like when there were 31 teams from 1999-2001)

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  • 4 years ago

    They are currently talking about expanding with two more teams. The reason they don't just pop up with a team is, there is lots and lots of planning behind an expansion team. Especially the question will they make a profit?

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  • Mr R
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    1 decade ago

    The commissioner does want expansion teams.

    But he wants them in other countries.

    Like Canada and Eroupe.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NFL wants two more teams before 2012. And what the NFL wants they normally get!

    Source(s): NFL ticketholder for the Colts.Even thou I live closer to Chicago. bears are lousy.
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