What is the average time for promotions in the Marine Corp?

what is the average time in the marine corp one serves until they are promoted to the next rank?

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    For enlisted, it takes about 1 1/2 to 2 years between every rank to get to E-5. After that about 2-4, and then when you hit E-7 its all based on promotion boards, time in service, service record.

    For officers, 2 year to O-2, 2 years to O-3, generally 4-6 years for O-4. After that its the promotion boards and service record.

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    Depending on what you get when you sign your contract will ultimately determine how quickly you'll pick up rank. Given you go to Boot Camp a Private, it'll take you 6 months to PFC, and then 9 to LCPL. Then you rate a composite score in the first month of the third quarter you've been a Lance. If you don't understand, forget about it, it'd take 5 minutes for me to explain. Once you get Sgt, you're no longer under a scoring system, but rather a promotion board, and HQ Marine Corps will determine whether your MOS is eligible for more staff.

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    Only the second poster actually came close.

    The first 3 enlisted ranks are automatic after time in service/grade. E-4 and up is competitive and you need to meet the cutting score to promote (things like PT score, performance, etc). It takes a long time after E-5 (usually 2+ years) to promote. If you do good, you can make E-5 in 4 years. YOU CANNOT MAKE E-6 WITHIN 4 Years.

    No average time, just how good you do.

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    That all depends on what your MOS is. Promotion is based on your score. Some MOSes promote quicker than others (the lower the score is for promotion in that MOS the quicker you get promoted). Sometimes an MOS gets closed out and nobody in that MOS can get promoted until it opens back up again.

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    Competence in all your soldiering qualifications (firearms, drill, actual wellbeing, and so on.) alongside with management capacity may be on the subject of the only standards to being promoted to Lance. In concept, you will might desire to exhibit sufficient capacity and capacity which you would be a mentor for all the experienced privates and %. already interior the Corps. maximum persons, whilst asked, might enable you already know that management positions for the period of user-friendly in basic terms make issues extra durable for you. you would be the only taking the blame if your subordinates do something incorrect, and all this to boot to attempting to get by user-friendly anyhow. 'in all risk much less confusing interior the scheme of issues to easily get by user-friendly and then start to be afflicted approximately impressing people. The instructors for user-friendly heavily isn't inspired by applying lots. regardless of if, if it is your purpose to choose for larger rank or officer preparation, you may attempt to make your self observed. If something, the instructors, in the event that they have faith you have any capacity at management worth sorting out, will placed you in a management place quickly to purpose you out. in the event that they try this, nicely ... your decision interior the difficulty is now not a ingredient, so all you're able to do is upward thrust to the occasion.

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    Ok From the time you become a Pvt that would be upon graduation from boot camp. You start you time in grade. Then you spend 1year as a Pvt. and are promoted to PFC then you spend 1year as PFC and are promoted to LCPL. Then here is where it start to get kind of tricky. you spend 9mo time in grade as a lance then you rate your cutting score. Then you must archive your MOS's cutting score to be able to be Promoted to CPL. This can take some time depending on how steller a Marine you are. Your personal cutting score is made up of points given for time in service, time in grade. Your PFT, Rifle Range score and points for your MCI. Your MOS's cutting score is determined by boat space. The Once you are a CPL you spend one year time in grade then you again rate your cutting score. Then its just like Picking up CPL you need to get your MOS's cutting score. Then Once you become a SGT the game changes again. Now you have Fit Reps and will fit into zones once you get to the below zone your close, then once in the zone you must get selected by the board. Then Its the Same for Gunny and after that IDK

    Unless of course you get on a board and get meritoriously promoted then that speeds things up.

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    active duty you should make e5 in about 2yrs. in the reserves e3 to e4 basically is not going to happen.

    edit: thats after e3

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