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Drug facts please!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Tell me everything you know about drugs!

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    All drugs even if they are given by a doctor all have their side effects and so they should not be taken without the need of them.

    The other drugs when taken in excess especially do a lot of harm to the body and mind. The first worry is that you become addict to them and will do anything to have momey to buy them.

    All drugs do damage to the brain, the reflex senses and the whole mind as a whole.

    Besides the damage done to the main organs of the body, including the heart.

    Take care and think it more than twice before starting taking drugs.

    Do not even try them just for fun.

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    Well it mostly depends on what drug you are talking about and what the effects are. And how it can destroy your body. But with drugs there is a different kind of thing in them to make you addicted easily. It can make you shake alot,vommit,depression,heart probs.,kidney problems, liver problems, brain and memory probs., mood swings, and ect.

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    Use this link... Tells u everything u need to know.

    Hope that helps.

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