If you were a client in Jungain therapy......?

Which goals would you set yourself and why?


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    I once worked as a Behavioral Sciences Specialist in the US Army and have worked in a Mental Health Counseling Center and also a Drug and Alcohol Treatment facility.

    Having a BS degree in Social Work and a minor in Psychology I have had the opportunity to study all of Freud's "diciples" such as Rollo May, Viktor Frankl, Abraham Maslow, Albert Ellis and my favorite Alfred Adler.

    I enjoyed reading Jung's book "Analytic Psychology, It's Theory and Practice". I wrote a research papers on Carl Jung many years ago and was very interested in his Word Association practices and his theories on "Archetypes" and Personality Theories.

    If I were to set goals using Jungian Therapy I would try to focus on ways to be productive in Time Management skills and communicating more effectively with my clients.

    Source(s): BS Social Work, Criminal Justice. Minors in Psychology and Chemical Dependency Counseling. Six years US Army Behavioral Sciences Specialist
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    You mean Jungian, not Jungain. The goals I set for myself in therapy would not differ according to the theoretical orientation of the therapist, eg Jungian or humanist or relational. The therapist's orientation would predispose them to view the client through the theoretical perspective of their orientation, but that theoretical orientation is the therapist's, not the client's. If I as a client were predisposed to see the world in a Jungian way, which I am to a large extent, then that perspective would not change if I were in therapy with an existentialist or humanist instead of a Jungian. I happen to be a client with a Jungian orientation who has a relationally oriented therapist. The goals I set for myself have to do with exploration of certain archetypes and developing integration through archetypal work (a Jungian concept) but these goals are viewed from my therapist's perspective more relationally.

    Source(s): Did my Master's Thesis on Jungian Psychology, worked with Jungian analyst
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