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Anyone seen this creepy new political / religious cult " I pledge" Obama is promoting on You Tube & My Space?

Liberal Hollywood movie stars are promoting this creepy new movement for Barack Obama called " I pledge" Ashton Cusher and Demi More and many of the liberal Hollywood elite are big supporters of it . Demi More and Ashton Cusher were recently on the Oprah Winfrey show who funny enough has been promoting her own version of cultic religion lately . Something is very fishy here . I'm telling you friends, Those of you who are supporting this man are gonna soon realize just who this man is,

You need to wake up . Why do we need thousands of people across the country working from house cells on a continuous campaign to implement something called change? Who are these people? What is their charter? Who controls them? Will they operate within our democratic system? Why do we elect officials all over our country to run our government if we are going to have a shadow government in operation? Is this effort the start of a possible "fifth column" movement in the U.S.? Could this man merge this movement with Oprah's new age garbage which is quickly growing with popularity ?

Thanks in advance for your answers. God

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God bless.

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    The pledges they make are all good things, it is the end when they pledge to President Obama that it gets creepy. it is as if the country is looking to him as the one to solve all things wrong. So many people look at him in a way that is almost to the point of idolatry or deity. We need to pray fro him and our government and turn to the One true God that can help. Many times in man;s history we have lost sight of God and manny times we have fallen. Lets us hope this is not history repeating .

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    I've seen it - and I don't think there is anything wrong with individuals getting involved in the well being of their country. It's great. It's true democracy!

    My opinion is that your question is very fear based. Just like many of the Christian religions teach - fear is what guides you.

    Oprah can believe and promote whatever she wants - as long as it is legal. And so can you. Personally - I enjoyed watching Eckart Tolle and the podcasts of the "New Earth" series.

    If you enjoy following the Bible - and living in fear - then that's what YOU should do. But - you'll need to accept the fact that such behavior will not be the choice of everyone.

    Are you a troll?


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    I pledge to support the LORD our God, Jesus Christ.

    I will never put trust in any one man, and I will never trust a politician. I will never support a Democrat. I will never support socialism.

    I pledge to do everything in my power to defeat him in 2012...even if I have to run and do it myself.

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    Yes, of course, he's totally the Anti-Christ because people like him, and America's finally fed up with the sh** that Bush spewed for eight years.

    Get a hobby.

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    What a horrendous thought.

    People wanting to end the strife and chaos brought on by the bush administration, people who want (gasp dare I say it?) CHANGE!

    Good lord all this beginnings of peace and prosperity must be stomped out at once!

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    Awww, it seems someone feels as though their beliefs are being thrown out of the window??? tsk tsk

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    this question is too long, well thought out, and liberal bashing for these people

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    Eh, go back to 'effing those call boys in the mens bathroom.

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    tsâphenath pa‘enêach

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    I can't view those sites from this computer, can you please elaborate? Thank you.

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