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Anyone seen this creepy new political / religious cult " I pledge" Obama is promoting on You Tube & My Space?

Liberal Hollywood movie stars are promoting this creepy new movement for Barack Obama called " I pledge" Ashton Cusher and Demi More and many of the liberal Hollywood elite are big supporters of it . Demi More and Ashton Cusher were recently on the Oprah Winfrey show who funny enough has been promoting her own version of cultic religion lately . Something is very fishy here . I'm telling you friends, Those of you who are supporting this man are gonna soon realize just who this man is,

You need to wake up . Why do we need thousands of people across the country working from house cells on a continuous campaign to implement something called change? Who are these people? What is their charter? Who controls them? Will they operate within our democratic system? Why do we elect officials all over our country to run our government if we are going to have a shadow government in operation? Is this effort the start of a possible "fifth column" movement in the U.S.? Could this man merge this movement with Oprah's new age garbage which is quickly growing with popularity ?

Thanks in advance for your answers. God

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    HOLY GEEZE! I watched and commented. I feel SICK after watching it. "I pledge my service to Barack Obama"?!!?!?!?! Are you kidding. I was so upset by the video that I got my wife and kid to come watch it. Altruism, service for a greater good and charity are WONDERFUL things...I really mean that. Doing so through force or coersion via taxation, legal plunder etc. is unconstitutional and immoral. I would like a utopia as well...just not through government force. Seriously, that "I Pledge" video and the picture of President Obama is like 1984 stuff.

    These people may be well meaning and altruistic, but their ideology is WRONG. I'm gonna go find someplace to cry now...


    The government is there to serve US...not for US TO SERVE THEM!! Those that don't see that are blind. BTW...I'm a Libertarian, neither a Dem or GOP. I think that both party's have lost their way. I am a CONSTITUTIONAL Libertarian. Read the Constitution folks. The guy above me that said that this video is a good thing for reminding people that we are in a Constitutional Republic apparently hasn't read the daggone thing! We are a Constitutional Republic! Of the people, by the people, for the people. Not of the government, by the government, for the government. If you were not altruistic or charitable before, you needed a President to tell you to be so? That makes no sense. The Constitution and our government are to allow us to PURSUE life, liberty and happiness in relative peace and with the utmost liberty...that is ALL. It is NOT supposed to provide us with the means in which to pursue it.

    Source(s): So...this is what the beginning of the end looks like?
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    Can you not see that it takes more than a President and elected officials to make the world a better place. Those that refuse to accept that to create a better world we need an ethos where everyone looks at what they can individually do to improve their own society and the rest of the world. To look at his as a "fifth column" is very closed minded.

    If all of society would look at how they can contribute to making the world a better place it would be a great step forward for mankind.

    There is an ethos of selfishness in the world which allows great suffering, unfairness and even contributes to the destruction of the world we live on. That those who have a voice are trying to encourage us all to look at what we can individually do should be commended.

    If you see people who make a pledge to do these things as some sort of threat to democracy then nothing I or anyone else can say will probably change this belief.

    I believe that we all have a responsibility to look beyond our own selfish desires and wants. That as members of the human race we all need to take personal responsibility and look at ways of changing things for the better. The possibilities are then immense. It fills me with hope to see this grass roots movement and the belief that real change is possible.

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    1. Yes

    2. It is called a grassroots movement. It is needed to defeat the International Corporate Fascist Movement.

    3. "These people" are your neighbors. You should try meeting yours some time.

    4. There is no charter.

    5. They control themselves.

    6. You obviously are uneducated about our "democratic" system.

    7. It is not a shadow government. We The People are the government.

    8. No. This is the beginning of the end for "The Fifth Column Movement" that has fed you garbage all of your life, which you have obediently regurgitated, undigested.

    9. "This man" has begun the process of awakening We The People to our responsibilities as citizens of this Constitutionally guaranteed democratic republic.

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    Oh I loved the "I Pledge" thing in the two minutes I watched I saw non-US citizens pledging to "Help Change our country" Who the F%^& are they to tell me how to live in my country!

    Has anyone ask how you "Change" Patriotism I thought that was defined already, or "Change" who needs to work harder as if working is not hard enough we must now work harder....I guess to support those who don't work at all.

    I warn everyone during the elections that accepting "Change" without a definition of what "Change " is is dangerous now as the monster begins to show its true nature it's to late.

    The end of democracy will not come with a whimper but the rousing applause of the masses!


    Source(s): Bear Sworn to defend this Country from all enemies foreign and domestic.
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    That video appears to have been created independently; I see no evidence that Obama had anything to do with it. Show me a source that says Obama was promoting that video.

    I didn't think so.

    Pledging to volunteer in our communities, to be good parents, and to support education. I guess you're telling me those are the kinds of things that a "Rich White Republican" such as yourself finds creepy?

    That would certainly help explain the last 8 years.

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    It isn't a cult or a religion. You are confusing it with right wing fundamentalists.

    It's everyday Americans tired of seeing their country trashed for 8 years, making grass roots efforts and taking personal responsibility to improve their country. Asking Americans to volunteer to face our problems is admirable. Service work. This country used to encourage that. What did the Republicans do to some people to make them so cynical? A little service work might just be the cure you need.

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    Isn't that about "personal responsibility" which the Republican party claim that the Democrats lack? That Democrats will sit on their @$$ and collect welfare and do nothing about making this country a better place to live?

    No, I did not see anything creepy about it. I find people wanting Obama to fail our country (thereby the country will fail) much scarier.

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    Yeah. Think on this one: WHO CONTROLS THE FAR LEFT AND FAR RIGHT? It's the same puppet master. Your rich white republican avatar is ironic, considering that the pupptmaster doesn't discriminate on race, nationality or gender. It only wants souls to stoke it's fires.

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    Oh my God.....people everywhere pledging to commit themselves to positive conduct....what is the world coming to?

    We definitely need a much, much more negative perspective for our future if we're ever going to accomplish anything.

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    Who else are liberals going to worship if not their politicians? They are Godless and looking for savior. Guess who will fill that role?

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