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Middle Ages ! Dose anyone know about the Middle Ages ?

You are the fourth son in a large family. You realize that your oldest brother is going to get all of your father's lands and possessions. There is nothing you can do about this so you decide to become a monk. What term describes this situation?

1. fief

2. primogeniture

3. vassal

4. homage


When a boy reached the age of seven, he left home to begin training for knighthood. He was then called a __________.

1. knight

2. squire

3. page

4. lord


Which of the following statements about Joan of Arc is not true?

1. She fought in the 100 years War

2. She earned her nickname “Maid of Orleans” by leading the French to victory at Orleans

3. She said the Pope commanded her to free France

4. She was burned at the stake as a heretic


According to this system, a lord gave vassals land in exchange for military and other services.

1. chivalry

2. primogeniture

3. feudalism

4. Divine Right of Kings


The Black Death hit Europe in the mid 14th century with devastating consequences. Which of the following was not a result of this plague?

1. 50-60 percent of the people died

2. There was a decline in trade

3. Peasants rose in stature

4. There was a decline in labor prices


Lord Henri Vasquer wishes to reward you, his loyal vassal. How would he most likely show his pleasure with you?

1. He would give you gold.

2. He would give you a retinue of knights.

3. He would give you a castle.

4. He would give you a fief.


True or false: A serf was a slave.

1. True.

2. False, a serf was a free person.

3. False, a serf was hired by a Lord and could quit at anytime.

4. False, a serf was halfway between being a slave and a free person.


During the 4th century CE, the Roman Empire split into two parts, the East Roman Empire and the West Roman Empire. The West Roman Empire had its capital in Rome. The East Roman Empire, also known as the Byzantine Empire, had its capital in _____________.

1. Constantinople

2. Venice

3. Bosporus

4. Antioch


What title did Pope Leo III bestow upon Charlemagne on December 25, 800 in recognition of his power?

1. King of the Franks

2. Emperor of the Franks

3. King of Europe

4. Roman Emperor


Which ceremony is being described below?

A knight kneels before a lord, places his hands between the lord's hands, and indicates that he is the lord's man. The lord recognizes the knight as a vassal, raises him to his feet, and kisses him.

1. investiture

2. vassalage

3. primogeniture

4. homage


During the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church:

1. became extremely powerful.

2. began to decline in importance.

3. was destroyed by Charlemagne.

4. was reformed by Martin Luther.


In which French city was the papacy located during part of the 14th century?

1. Paris

2. Tours

3. Avignon

4. Rheims


All of the following were strengths of Charlemagne except

1. Promotion of Equality

2. Administration

3. Promotion of Learning

4. Military Might


What arose in towns as an association of business people with the same interests?

1. unions

2. guilds

3. fiefs

4. serfdoms


Who conquered England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

1. Henry IV

2. Philip II Augustus

3. William of Normandy

4. Harold


Which document forcibly signed by King John was the first to limit the monarch's power in England?

1. Declaration of Independence

2. Magna Carta

3. Oath of Homage

4. Mayflower Compact


What was the largest and wealthiest monarchy in Europe by the end of the 13th century?

1. France

2. Holy Roman Empire

3. England

4. Spain


The German kings were unable to create a strong, central monarchy because they were preoccupied with controlling which country?

1. France

2. England

3. Italy

4. Spain


What is the plague called that hit Europe in the 14th century and killed a huge amount of people?

1. Dark Plague

2. Black Death

3. Wings of Death

4. Influenza


Joan of Arc became an important leader during the Hundred Years War and eventually helped lead which country to victory?

1. England

2. Normandy

3. France

4. Germany

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    2, 2(?),3 (?),2,3

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    She said the Pope commanded her.


    Peasants rose in stature.

    Give you a fief.



    King of Franks(guess)


    Became extremely powerful.


    Military might.


    William of Normandy

    Magna Carta

    Holy Roman Empire


    Black death


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    I'm 17... so I think between 30 and 40 is when middle age starts

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