legalities concerning children's access to firearms ?

If I hang a rifle on the wall with the bayonet but without the firing pin, and you have children in your house...would this be a felony?

Also what if you have a responsible 16 year old and you give him access to a firearm in your house? Is that a felony? how about everytime his friends came over?


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    I don't know about your state

    But in Florida it is illegal to give minors 16 and under access to loaded firearms without direct supervision and you are held responsible if they misuse the gun

    if the gun has no firing pin it is not usable so there would be no crime committed

    I know this because I was reported to Child Services when a nosy neighbor saw my non functioning guns hung on a wall in my family room

    To me most CAP laws are like dog bite laws

    You have to restrain your dog and are held responsible for any bad act they do

    However I see dogs running around free and children with access to guns

    If your dog never bites anyone and your kid does not misuse your gun,

    No harm no foul

    Ans the question becomes

    How well do you trust your kid and how often will Child Services be nosing around your place


    As Falconry has been told repeatedly


    Specifically there is no federal law that sets handgun ownership or purchase at 21

    And again I ask

    If you or anyone else knows of one please post it

    Not the one saying what rules the federal government place on federal gun dealers but the one that usurps states rights and tell the state what age to set gun ownership


    I see the TDs but no links to this mysterious mythical law

    Why is that?

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    Nope, ebay has wussied out on all of us by banning just about everything firearm related short of grips and holsters. I had a nice little business selling surplus magazines until some foreigner got a hair across his *** and shot up a bunch of people at VT. Ebay of course decided they didn't want any of their long-standing account holders actually selling perfectly legal firearm-related items because of this.

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    Federal law still has access at 18 for rifles/shotguns and 21 for handguns. So, they can not have direct access to a weapon. Think about some kid coming over to see your kid's rifle and then just decides to do something stupid.

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    i am 11 and i go hunting with my dad and he gives me his shotgun i don't thing its a felony

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