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I need help -I can't read the aleinu (hebrew)!?

I have hebrew testing today in hebrew school/sunday school and I don't know the aleinu. Does anyone have the english translation, meaning: aleinu lesh-a-be'ach...?

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    i dunno the translation, but i remember learning it when i was 13~

    the english phoenetics is like,

    Aleinu l’shabe-ach la’adon ha’kol

    la’tet gedulah l’yotzer bereshit,

    she’lo asanu k’goyei ha’aratzot,

    v’lo samanu k’mishpechot ha-adama.

    She’lo sam chelkeinu ka-hem,

    v’goraleinu k’chol ha’monam.

    Va’anachnu korim umishtachavim umodim,

    lifnei melech malchei ham’lachim

    Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

    V’ne-emar, v’haya Adonai

    l’melech al kol ha-aretz.

    Bayom ha-hu yih-yeh Adonai echad

    ush’mo echad.

    i remember hebrew, and omg was it harrrrddd. im so glad im done.

    It is our duty to praise the Master of all, to ascribe greatness to the Molder of primeval creation, for He has not made us like the nations of the lands and has not emplaced us like the families of the earth; for He has not assigned our portion like theirs nor our lot like all their multitudes.

    Source(s): i had to learn it too -__-
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    Aleinu Hebrew

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