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我在暑假6月時將會自己乘AIR CANADA由加拿大回香港







jsylui >>

i live in toronto.

im goin back to hk in June 25 arrr :)

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    Dude, don't worry much! Just wonder if you have HK ID card? If so, this would be better. Anyway, below are for your reference. Enjoy the trip to HK !

    (1) 在加拿大那邊要過關的嗎?還是回到香港那邊才過關?

    At Toronto airport, you have to bring your (Canadian) passport and air ticket for the custom. Just walk through the scanner for security purpose and then walk to whatever gate (閘口上機) you have to get on. That's all.

    When arrived HK airport, show your HK ID card (or Canadian passport) to HK custom (if you are holding Canadian passport, you have to fill in the form as well) and then get back all your luggages and leave

    p/s: you can get the custom form at HK airport or from the airline hostess (空姐)

    (2) 行李也應該是回到香港才拿吧?

    Yes, details are listed at above.

    (3) 在飛機上要填表格嗎?

    if you don't have HK ID, you have to fill in the form. you can get the from from airlienn hostness (空姐). This form is needed to submit for HK Custom when you show your Canadian passport to them.

    (4) 有什麼地方要特別注意?

    Just relax and don't worry much. Enjoy your trip !!!


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    BOTH REQUIRE , CAN req to see your ticket and CAN passport

    HKG req to see your CAN passport or HKG ID


    YES, no matter you stop at YVR or not. You will pick up your 行李 @ HKG.


    IF you don't have HKG ID


    Enjoy your trip

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    You don`t have to worry as long as I know you will enjoy to be on the plane very much the Flight attendents will take care of you. I have a Question. you go to HK from Vancouver,Toronto or anyother city cause I live in Edmonton and we have to go to Vancouver Intl first. Ac flight to HK will be 777-200 or 777-300ER or call 77W depends which part of Canada you are from, the celleing of your cabin light will change to diffrent color. just go ahead and donèt be scary and enjoy your trip to HK

    PS: I am going back to HK in June 19 too which days you will go back to HKG I am kind of suggle to see which airline I should take Air Canada or Cathay Pacific

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    I am 13 years old and i am going to go back to HK at March Break

    too....ummm...dont need to be scary...i dont think anything will be u have HK passport??

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    原則上未滿18歲坐飛機是沒問題; 但出境則必須要父母或監 護人同意 (法律原則); 但加拿大出 境無人理你, 不查不問, 有護照即可.

    在加拿大那邊出境是無過關的, 香港那邊才過入境關.

    行李在加拿大check-in, 在香港取.

    不須填表, 除非你是外籍人入境香港.

    注意帶錢, 証件, 回程由父母送出机場, (如你是 女性最好要母親), 同時寫好同意授權書讓你出 境.

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