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軟體名稱:G.O.M. (Gigabyte Online Manager)

內容:A web-based system management tool that allows client system hardware information such as CPU and memory and graphics card and much more to be monitored or controlled via a host.



how to install SNMP on windows 2k/XP

1.Click on [Start]->[ Settings]->[ Control Panel].

2.Double-click on [Add/Remove Programs].

3.Click on [Add/Remove Windows Components].

4.Click on [Management and Monitoring Tools] and click on [Details]

5.Check [Simple Network Management Protocol] and click[OK].

(or you can just select this option to install all of the [Management and Monitoring Tools]).

6.Click on Next and let the install process complete.

and you can install the C.O.M

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    點開始 設定 控制台



    點Management and Monitoring Tools 詳細資料

    把Simple Network Management Protocol打勾

    或是你可以把Management and Monitoring Tools全部打勾安裝(不點詳細資料)



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