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__(1)__ your SOP is the first communication between you and your future school, it’s better to prepare one early __(2)__.

(1) ( ) (A) Despite(B) Although(C) Since(D) When

(2) ( ) (A) on(B) off(C) with(D) at

答案:(1) C (2) A

__(7)__ get more experience in design, I helped run our school’s Art Club.

(7) ( ) (A) For(B) With(C) To(D) By

答案:(7) C

she taught me needing something was like getting your broken phone fixed, while wanting something was to buy a new model of cell phone which just __(10)__.

(10) ( ) (A) talked over(B) made for(C) took out(D) came out

答案:(10) D

They are not good decision-makers because sometimes they become overdependent __(10)__ others.

(10) ( ) (A) for(B) of(C) on(D) at

答案:(10) C

During that hour, he would climb to the top of a hill to look across at another hill several miles __(3)__. On that hill __(4)__ a house with golden windows.

(3) ( ) (A) beside(B) below(C) away(D) above

(4) ( ) (A) stood(B) stand(C) stands(D) standing

答案:(3) C (4) A 

The girl said she knew all about the windows, but that he __(12)__ about the house.

(12) ( ) (A) mistook(B) has mistaken(C) was mistaking (D) was mistaken

答案:(12) D


再問一下addition ~~in addition to 和 addition to


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    SOP=statement of purpose,也就是申請學校時要寫的「讀書計劃」。選Since是其意「因為」,選on是因為「early on」這個副詞片語,代表「提早」的意思。When、Although、Despite都是連接詞,但是Since的意思最為通順。

    第七題選to是因為原句為「In order to」,意思為「為了...」,這題不管選For、With或By都是錯的,因為這三個詞後面都必須加Ving。

    第十題整句解釋是,他教我,「need」就好像把你壞掉的手機送修,而(while)「want」就好像去買一隻剛上市的最新款手機。talk over是「商議」的意思,make for是「努力達成」,這兩個不但意思不對,後面也沒有受詞,所以錯誤;而took out就更錯誤了,沒這個片語用法。came out是出現的意思,在這邊是在市場上出現,也就是上市的意思。


    應該是during that "tour"吧!這題也是習慣用法,常常講距離的時候,就是多少哩之外,這個之外就是使用「away」這個副詞。選beside、below或above文法沒有錯,但是意思就變得很奇怪了。選stood是倒裝句的用法,原句是:a house with golden windows stood on that hill.一間有金色窗戶的房子佇立在山頭上。不選stands是因為前句是過去式,所以這句也要過去式。

    12題是考be mistaken about/in這個用法,意思是「搞錯了」,這裡about也可以改成in,你可能會問人為什麼還用be Vpp,這跟be worried about這個片語很像,已經是習慣性的用法,也有老師的解釋是:因為人是「被」誤導、「被」煩惱了,在我看來,把這些常用句當成理所當然的句子背下來比較簡單一點。

    In addition是指除此之外,如:In addition, I like watermelon.除此之外,我還喜歡西瓜。後面可以加上to,如:In addition to banana, I like watermelon.除了香蕉之外,我還喜歡西瓜。單獨in addition可以替換成additionally,如:Additionally, I like watermelon. 但是你不能說:Additionally to banana, I like watermelon.


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