How much would it cost to copy 350 pages of just black text on white paper?

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I need to copy 350 pages onto normal blank paper. No color and no large amounts of black ink. Just normal text. How much would this cost at say an average kinkos, officemax, staples, more
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As long as it's 350 pages of "plain paper" that they can stick on a document feeder, shouldn't be too much, if it's from a book they have to do a lot of page turning so try a self service place.

For a price, why not CALL a Kinkos and ask

"How much would it cost me to get a copy of a 350 page document?"



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I'll just have to call them, thank you
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  • Halt answered 5 years ago
    I would guess about 10 cents per page so $35
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  • SethSpeaks answered 5 years ago
    Black and white copies are usually 2-3 cents each
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  • martz answered 5 years ago
    usually it's about 10 cents a page. So about 35 bucks.

    I don't recommend taking it to those places if you're copying it out of a book. Try the library.
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  • Myron F answered 5 years ago
    9 cent per page
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