How much ESD does it take to kill a CPU?

If I walked around on carpet and sat down for 5 minutes on a couch and walked back to my computer with a CPU in my hand, what would happen to my CPU? Would it just die and never ever work again and the computer won't turn on because the CPU would be broken (by ESD) or would it just not work properly from ESD. Explain how it would work if not properly. Or could there be nothing wrong with the CPU and it's fine?


Oh and it would be an AMD athlon 64X2 5000+, 2.60 GHz AM2

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    1 decade ago
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    Well that can depend. ESD can ether damage or destroy the device. If it is damaged it could work but not very good and errors would be common. Although sometimes this will go unnoticed for months.

    About 10 volts of ESD can damage the device and it takes about 500 volts before you can even feel it.

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    lol dont worry to much i left my cpu on a nylon carpet for a weel it still worked but please dont try it

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