What does ESD static do to a desktop CPU?

Does ESD static electricity (do to a CPU):

1. Damage it and make it have problems. Works but doesn't work as well

2. Damage it seriously and have many problems. Works but doesn't work properly (explain how it doesn't work properly)

3. Destroy it and it will never ever ever work again and the computer won't even turn on (only the CPU never ever ever work again, not computer).

4. Make it weaker and lower it's lifespan. Still works almost as good as it used to.

5. Absoblutely nothing!


So little that it's almost nothing. like the amount u get from walking on carpet.

Update 2:

Please answer using a base of one of the numbers.

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  • YoMick
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    1 decade ago
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    Depends on the level of static discharged and it's path through the underlying components - you can zap your friends with ESD and it can be quite painful - sub-micron transistors can be fried by it - develop a way to run a car on it, and be the next mega-billionaire.

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