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Why do most Canadians live near the U.S. border ?

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    There are two major reasons why most Canadians live near the United States border.

    The first reason is economic integration. Canadian exports account for greater than 80% of trade to the US and greater than 50% of their imports from the US.

    Canada is one of the world's most important suppliers of agricultural products and one of the few developed nations that are net exporters of energy. In addition, the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA) of 1988 eliminated tariffs between the two countries.

    The second reason is climate. Average winter and summer high temperatures across Canada vary depending on the location. Winters can be harsh in many regions of the country, particularly in the interior and Prairie provinces which experience a continental climate. In non-coastal regions, snow can cover the ground almost six months of the year or more in the north. Coastal British Columbia is an exception and enjoys a temperate climate with a mild and rainy winter.

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    Because the monarchy of England was sort of stupid, or (to be even worse) didn t care less about Canada. The Queen/King lived over 5,000km away from Canada on the other side of the Ocean. She and her "British" advisors didn t know better about what s happening and should be done in and for Canada. Some say the British placed the cities along the southern border only so that they (as British military and loyalist posts) could prevent the rise of Americans to the north.

    America on the other hand was governed by themselves living and breathing the soil and air every minute. They were patriotic and sincerely concerned about the future of the country. For Canada, the country is large, why do you have to place the most important cities at the very very southern edge of the country in such a deformed/imbalanced way (even if let s say 100km north of them are slightly colder)?

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    When everyone migrated from europe to Canada they got off there ships at the great lakes and the st laurence river. Some went out west but most stayed there. They did not go up north from there because there is either no soil (canadian shield) or the soil that is there was infertile. Right now there is like 20 million of the 32 million people in Canada that live in Ontario and Quebec I would guess atleast 15 million of them live in towns that the 401 runs right through, the 401 runs from Windsor Ontario to Montreal Quebec

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    A lot of it has to do with our climate but we do have medium to large cities up in near the territories and in them. Another reason is the great lakes, people who used to come to Canada got here through the great lakes and stayed in the southern Ontario region, which is where 40% of Canada's population is. and because Ontario dips into the USA there are few southern Ontario areas that are not near the US border.

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    It's way 2 cold the further north you travel from the border. That's y YT, NU, & NT are still territories & don't have populations large enough 2 b province-worthy because of the harsh environment.

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    Because the further south you go, the milder the climate is. Also, it helps increase trade with the US by living so close. There are probably a lot more resources.

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    i do no longer comprehend this rant. I stay on the border with Canada and have many buddies in Toronto. we are only human beings, and the clarification we carry out jointly is that we are all properly knowledgeable and have comparable values. it extremely is nonsense. "You men"? sure, properly knowledgeable. suitable. There are knowledgeable human beings all over the area. we are a minority.

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    Do you want to live near the Arctic? It's pretty cold up north!

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    The middle and northern parts of Canada are harsh, rugged, and VERY cold. The southern part is the mild part. People like mild.

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    Its too cold when you move up toward the pole. I'm sure resources have a lot to do with it to.

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