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Healthier Fast Food restaurant choices?! ?

What fast food restaurants are more towards the healthy side?

I'm really hungry and I'm not big on the mcdonals (saturated fat) fast food lol but something inexpensive and easy lol

Any ideas?

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    Well, there is really no good answer. Of course subway is ok, somethings are low in fat but all that bread you eat is packed with carbs. Ive researched this and even grilled chicken at most fast food places isnt that great, although its better than eating a burger. Definetly dont do hardys or fried chicken. So, good luck...id go to the grocery store.

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    Source(s): Modern People Paleo Cookbook - http://PaleoCookbook.raiwi.com/?Uoxi
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    I have never actually been to AandW or Culvers so im sorry i cannot help with those! But i have been dieting for 3 years now and i still like to go to those other places you've listed You cant actually put them in an order because each restaurant has both good and bad health choices To start off with Mcdonalds obiously salads are a good choice, maybe get a plain hamburger or a GRILLED chicken sandwhich, SKIP the fries and instead get a side salad. Taco bell- they have a whole diet menu you can pick from. stay away from anything with nacho chese or anything fried. soft shell is the best and chicken for meat is the best also. As for KFC any grilled chicken is good otherwise not too much is healthy off their menu, alot of their products are fried. Burger king is the same as Mcdonalds. Grilled chicken sandwhich, plain hamburger, salads, but still no fries There are nutrition facts for all products on each of the restaurants websites also! just look at that and plan your meal before you go to one! ITs what i do and it helps tremendously!

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    Subway and Chick-Fil-A

    If you get the chargrilled chicken sandwich at CFA with the fruit cup then you are eating less than 400 calories. It's really good too and actually even if you still want french fries but you get the chargrilled chicken then you're still not getting all that bad.

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    Subway I suppose but if youve got rich sauces then of course that is full of fat however what about KFC? yes the skin is fatty but the chicken isnt.

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    Panera Bread, Subway, Quiznos, Blimpie...you can also always get a salad at any of the bigger chains.

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    Well fast food is usually not healthy but if I had to choose on on the healthier side it would be Quiznos or Tacone.

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    Subway, look what it did for Jared.

    Although I prefer Togo's over Subway

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    Definitely Subway, they have no fries, hamburgers, or anything as bad as that.


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    I really like Panera Bread.

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