Does anybody know what job in the Navy would best set me up to becoming a civilian Game Warden?

I originally wanted to become a firefighter but changed my mind. I want to become a civilian Game Warden and I'm joining the Navy. I don't know if I became a Master of Arms that it would set me up for a career as a Game Warden or not. Is there any job in the Navy that would enable me to be a Game Warden straight out of the service or would I be better off pursuing law enforcement?

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    I was a Master at Arms for 5 years, and I would strongly suggest pursuing law enforcement as a civilian instead of the Navy. In the Navy as an MA, you're going to be focused on force protection instead of law enforcement. Going straight to a civilian law enforcement academy will put you one step closer to becoming a Game Warden, rather than spending 4 years in the Navy doing force protection, getting out and then still having to go through a civilian law enforcement academy. Save yourself the time and hassle.

    The only thing I might suggest if you do join the Navy as an MA is to try your best and go to dog school. You're going to have to work hard to get there, but it could help in the long run.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Navy MA2 2003-2008
  • J.W.
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    You should try to choose whatever job you think you would enjoy. You could try to become an MA. Being a veteran, regardless of what branch you were in and what job you did, can help you get law enforcement officer jobs. Veterans get extra points on civil service tests and preference for federal jobs. Some law enforcement agencies that require applicants to have college will waive some or all of their college requirements for veterans. Also, for different reasons, some people simply like to hire qualified veterans whenever they get the chance to. You should also consider getting a college degree if you don't have one. Getting a college degree is one of the best things that you can do.

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    Law Enforcement. Most Game Wardens are focused on issues related to two legged creatures than four any way.

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    standards to alter right into a activity warden and how you exchange right into a activity warden relies upon on the corporate which you rather elect to paintings for. flow to the web pages of the companies that that is recommended to paintings for. company web pages generally grant suggestion approximately their applicant standards, approximately a thank you to persist with, and approximately their hiring technique. Getting a college degree is between the suited issues which you're able to do. Many regulation enforcement companies require or want applicants to have college. Having a level ought that might actually assist you get employed by potential of a few companies. some companies pay their officers greater in the event that they have a college degree. Having a level would additionally assist you get promoted throughout your profession. Agronomy, animal technology, biology, communications, criminal justice, environmental technology, fisheries/organic international biology, conservation biology, forestry, woodland administration, organic source administration, variety administration, variety technology, agricultural technology, zoology, ecology are some majors that that is recommended to contemplate. in case you have an pastime in animals and/or the exterior and regulation enforcement, that is recommended to additionally evaluate titles inclusive of animal cruelty investigator, humane regulation enforcement officer, and park ranger. you ought to be attracted to federal jobs inclusive of Uniformed regulation Enforcement officer for u . s . a . of america Forrest provider or particular Agent, organic international Inspector for u . s . a . of america Fish and organic international provider, or particular Agent for the Environmental secure practices company. evaluate community, state, and federal jobs

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  • USNS
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    Master at Arms. You wanna shoot for the closest thing to law enforcement you can get, so I'd shoot for that or Gunner's Mate.

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    You will need a College degree first.

    preferably in Biology, forestry, etc.

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