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how long does it take to get winnings from ohio lottery mega millions?

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  • Kman
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    The odds on most single state mega lotteries is on the order of 18 million to 1. Which means that if you got a ticket once per day, you'd win once every 43,315 years.

    Most of those lotteries have minor prizes whose odds vary from something like 20:1 to a few thousand to 1.

    If you're referring to actually collecting winnings once your ticket hits, it depends on the amount won. Anything under a couple hundred bucks can usually be collected at the convenience store you got them at. With higher amounts you should contact the state lottery, but I can't imagine it takes that long. With the jackpot it would probably depend on if you chose the lump sum or annual payments, I would think the later would take less time to start seeing checks.

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