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Master's In Journalism?

I want to major in journalism for college. But I was wondering if I should spend the extra two years getting a Master's, or if I could just settle for a Bachelor's. Will a Master's significantly increase my pay? Please help!!!

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    Back in high school I wanted to be a journalist but didn't know if majoring in journalism was the best way to go, or if I should look for a school with an accredited program in journalism. So emailed editors at various magazines and newspapers to ask them what they'd look for in hiring someone- they were all VERY helpful (except the NY Times which wrote back and said they didn't have time to give me an answer). I'd suggest you do that, but I'll tell you what I found out. A man from the Atlantic said in all his years working there he'd never hired anyone with a journalism degree. Someone from the nation forwarded me an article (i don't remember the name, but you could google it) about how the masters journalism program at Columbia is only good for it's ivy league name, and that it was once said that you might as well create a masters degree for swimming- the point being that you get the most education in the field. A reporter (i don't remember from where) said that he'd gotten a JRN degree but didn't feel it put him in a better position than anyone else. So here's what I'd suggest: 1) ask people in the field your questions- you'll really be surprised how helpful they'll be; 2) contact schools you're interested in and ask the JRN professors, especially the heads of programs; 3) at least plan to double major if you're going to do journalism. Like, if you're interested in being an international report also get a degree in international studies; 4) make sure you get experience through internships and writing on the college newspaper, joining a college chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists; 5) hold off planning on getting a masters. Likely you'll be in debt from just 4 years of undergrad and even with a masters editors will want someone with real world experience, so you're still likely to start off working at a local paper. Good luck

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    Earning a Master's degree in journalism would surely be the route that you should want to follow, since most journalist which work for top notch newspapers, television, ETC., have earned a master's degree the least.

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    I've been wondering the exact same thing. Most people have told me that it doesn't matter, and that majoring in journalism is essentially useless in itself. I think I'm still going to do it though. God bless with your decision!

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