how do i stop eating?

i eat so much, all the time and i always feel like such a pig because i cant stop! im hardly ever hungry, i just eat out of boredom. also ive been gaining a lot of weight. what are some ways to stop eating so much and lose weight?

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    Examine your reasons for eating as much as you do. Eating is tied up with all kinds of emotions: we eat because we're hungry, yes, but also because we're sad, lonely, happy, surrounded by company, angry...just about every human emotion you can think of can be associated with food in some way. Or we eat because we're bored, or it seems like the thing to do...or even semi-unconsciously, we eat and aren't really paying attention. So think about the things you're eating, and the times that you eat them. Then resolve to be conscious of everything that you do eat. If you eat because you're suddenly starving, and your blood sugar is dropping, and you're feeling terrible, then resolve to start preparing a healthy, nutrient dense meal BEFORE so much time elapses that you find yourself in that predicament again. In other words, if you suddenly find yourself starving after four hours, then maybe it's time at 3 and 1/2 hours or 3 hours and 45 minutes to pull out either a snack (some raw veggies or a piece of fruit) or to start preparing dinner, if that's the right time for it. If you're just eating to pass time and you discover that you're not really hungry, but eating just seems like the thing to do, then look for an activity to substitute for it, like getting up and walking around the block. Chew some sugarless gum. Suck on ice cubes, or have a small glass of diet soda.

    You also would benefit from keeping a food journal for a week before you make any drastic changes to your diet. Just write down everything - that includes snacks, drinks, AND condiments - that you consume for the next seven days, and the amount of each serving. Also, write down what you're doing at the time you decide to eat, and how you feel: are you depressed? Celebrating? Watching TV? You can then see how quickly your calories add up. After keeping track for a week, then you can go online to and search for calories needed calculator and and BMI and BMR calculators. Using these tools, find out exactly how much and what you need to consume to either maintain your weight and not gain more, or to lose weight and then maintain the loss.

    I think if you just start paying attention to your cues - what you're doing when you start eating, and how you're feeling at the time - you'll have an eye-opener, and will be able to substitute more healthy habits for the bad ones. Good luck to you!

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    You are well on your way to answering your own question. You eat out of boredom. Find a hobby, anything to keep you interested and involved in something other than just hanging out wathcing tv and playing video games. Cut back on all sweets, cokes, and chips. Better yet, if you want to lose weight, cut them out altoghether until you get to a decent weight. Exercise doesn't mean you have to strain, sweat and grunt for 20 or 30 minutes a day. Any amount will do as long as you are moving constantly for that period of time. When you walk, walk briskly. Take the stairs whenever you can. Little bits of exercise during the day adds up to fat being burned and weight loss.

    Don't ever try a starvation or extreme diet because they never work and are dangerous to your health. If you stop eating, your body is going to turn on itself for nourishment and it doesn't want to eat fat, it eats muscle, and the first one it goes after is the heart muscle. So...cut back like I said. Lay off of all white food (white bread, potatoes, starches) and keep your mind and body busy.

    If you must munch, make it carrots and celery.

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    You should invest your time bored in trying new things..Get a new hobby, anything you are ino..drawing, making etc or just get looking or trying out new things to pass the time..redecorate your room or something to keep your hands busy..I'll post on a few web sites that might help you get started in inding something to get you going:

    Hope this was helpful :)

    As for loosing the weight it's really easy if you have a pet dog, just make sure you go for a walk ata faster pase than you usually do..About an hour of activity a day until you start to feel the strain of it and that's a good amount :)

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    I hear ya. I eat out of boredom a lot too. All you need to do is make sure you always have a healthy snack with you and preoccupy yourself and take up a sport or hobbie that keeps you on the move and away from the house. Good luck.

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    could be a number of things like- boredom depression stress tape worm or maybe your not eating the right foods. if you are just picking at stupid little snacks (empty calories) then maybe that's why your still hungry. but sometimes i get like that, when i eat and eat and i never feel full, by the next day i'm ok again. hope i've helped. remember if your hungry go for fruit rather than sugary fatty foods :)

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    Pick up smoking then you won't be putting food in your mouth when you're bored. haha i'm just kidding

    but seriously find something that will replace food for boredom. It worked for me. I was a fat cow before I started working and going to school so that helps lose weight.

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    Go outside and play, thought it is winter you can still go sledding, snowball fightes, etc.

    Also eat more healthy foods that can make you less hungry and still help you get in shape.

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    that person is a jerk, you can stop by filling your day with things to do! so you wont be bored, like get a job or go play sports or go outside and find things to do

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    i dont know how old u r but im 13 and i went to the rite aid up the road and they have a pill called hoodia it was $12.32 so far its working but beware there are a lot of hoodia imatators

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    one piece of advice is to use smaller bowls and plates.studies show that if you use smaller plates and bowls you will eat less.Another thing is make a habit of leaving one thing on your plate.

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