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how long does implantation bleeding last? TMI ALERT!!?

I have had this pinkish brown stuff for 4 days now on and off for the past 4 days im going to take a test monday.. Tomorrow is when AF is do I don't feel cramps at all.. I feel more pressure then anything no pain kinda makes me feel like i have to poop LOL sorry I know that gross.I am 13DPO today when I went it brownish with some CM not alot but I seen it on the TP.. anyone had this?! or should i count this as a AF? I have only had enough of this stuff I only see it when I wipe 1 time there was a small spot of brownish on my panties.. Eww LOL So any help would be great and LOTS N LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!

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    This could be implantation bleeding, some woman can have it for a week on and off, very light pink/brown bleeding.

    But also it could be early signs of AF coming, you just don't know.

    Best thing to do will be to take a test tomorrow or in a few days for a better chance and see what the outcome is.

    If you're still worried and AF doesn't come then speak with your doctor who can do a blood test which is more accurate, as it detects low HCG lvels, and your have the results back within a few days :)

    Best of luck xxx

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    Usually pinkish brown bloody stuff (that is slightly sticky and can be sort of clumpy i guess is the only way to describe it) is "old blood".

    I had an implant a few years ago, and in my experience, I had bleeding for most of the 9 months following the insertion. I was spotting mostly, but other times it was like a medium flow-period

    I eventually got sick of the bleeding and got the implant taken out!

    Now I am a mum to a beautiful 13 month old boy!

    Best method of not getting pregnant?

    Abstinence! LOL... Don't worry, I understand that its not always that easy LOL...

    But yeah, see a GP if you're concerned. Otherwise, relax, don't stress.

    Stress can cause more bleeding and it can also cause periods to skip or be delayed!

    Good luck!

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