Some examples of kinetic and potential energy?

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we have to do a vedio on energy and we need some examples of the energys anyone know: we already have trampoline, jumnprope, runnning and stopping, chewing
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Kinetic: ANYTHING that moves. Sometimes you split it up into normal kinetic and rotational kinetic (where rotation just means it's spinning)

A moving car
A moving bird
Space ship
Planet Earth (relative to the Sun...)

all have kinetic energy.

Potential is just where, if you stopped 'holding' the object somehow it would move.

Gravitational potential - ANYTHING that's not at the centre of mass of the Earth has gravitational potential energy from Earth.

You (if you removed the ground you're standing on, you'd fall through it to the centre of the Earth!)

Electromagnetic potential
Anything that's held together or pushed apart by an electric or magnetic force. This is what chemical potential energy is: the atoms are held together by electrical forces and they can be made to share electrons which sticks them together.

This is what elastic potential is too: the atoms share electrons and when you pull a rubber band you make the distance between the electrons (negative) and protons (positive) in each atom get bigger. The negative and positives are opposite, so they attract and try to pull each other back together. If you stop stretching the elastic, then it springs back together (like gravity. If you stop holding it, the potential energy is released and converted to kinetic!)

So electromagnetic potential (which includes elastic, chemical etc) examples are:
A stretched rubber band, jump rope or trampoline
A chemical bomb like dynamite
A charged battery
A charged capacitor

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this is very good thank you
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  • Anthony M answered 5 years ago
    Roller coaster is a classic example. Potential energy when its perched at its peak. Converts to kinetic energy as it goes down the hill.
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  • Ethan L answered 5 years ago
    Spacecraft use chemical energy to take off and gain considerable kinetic energy to reach orbital velocity. This kinetic energy gained during launch will remain constant while in orbit because there is almost no friction. However it becomes apparent at re-entry when the kinetic energy is converted to heat.

    Kinetic energy can be passed from one object to another. In the game of billiards, the player gives kinetic energy to the cue ball by striking it with the cue stick. If the cue ball collides with another ball, it will slow down dramatically and the ball it collided with will accelerate to a speed as the kinetic energy is passed on to it. Collisions in billiards are effectively elastic collisions, where kinetic energy is preserved.

    Flywheels are being developed as a method of energy storage (see Flywheel energy storage). This illustrates that kinetic energy can also be rotational.

    Potential energy just means stored energy right so i guess fossil fuels and baryon charge are types of potiental energy

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  • Gggffggfgh answered 4 days ago
    First, please get a dictionary, and second... actually read it because you sir, cannot spell. I barely understood one word you said.
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