Why they hate on PLIES?

Answer this for me. Why do so many people hate on PLIES? Im guessin' tha ones who hate on em are the ones who haven't experienced the things he has been through as well as me, as far as the SYSTEM goes. The ones who have had everything given to them all their lives. The ones who havent been left with nothing and had to go out and get it how they live, however that may be. For me I live hard so that's how I have to get it. So why do they hate if they don't understand what tha mans really sayin?


COLD LIMPIN ya must not listen to that mans shyt alot. Either that or like i said before you aint been through tha system. So I guess i can see why yad say that. But if yad been through it ya'd know why that man says tha things he does. When it comes to lyrics, you a straight up fool for sayin his lyrics aint good. I dont understand you.

Update 2:

i feel ya shygurl. At least plies can say he got tha best haterz . thats what any rapper would want. Just more people to prove wrong

Update 3:

anyways after lookin at ya recent questions COLD LAMPIN you full of negativity anyways. So imma tell ya first and foremost take that SHYT somewhere else.

Update 4:

REPRESENTIN GBG youve just officially embarrased yaself. Ask anyone if theyve ever heard of this so called rapper you supportin??? HUH?

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    You gotta relax.

    Plies is garbage.

    First his lyrics are simple, dealing with subject matter, rhyme structure, and lack of vocabulary, unimaginative, and empty.

    Compare Plies to RA the Ruggedman whose younger brother died at age 10, his sister can walk nor speak, and his dad is a Vietnam Vet. Couple that with the fact that his lyrics are excellent and he only spits the truth and you have a grade A MC, even from your perspective.

    Compare to KRS-One who was homeless at the age of 14, Raekwon, RZA. . .

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    obviously you dont want any negative views on plies so ill keep my personal opinions to myself but people hate on plies because he lied about his past and abused the lies to make more record sales. he has never been to jail there are no criminal records and no record of incarceration on him so he thought he could get some street cred by lying about it and it blew up in his face like it did for rick ross and his CO situation.then he puts out an album called da realist which haters feed off of because he is obviously not the realist. but i actually dont mind him ive liked him since his version of i wanna **** you which i thought was better than snoop doggs

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    Weak lyrics, same topic over & over.....

    There isn't any science to it. At all.

    EDIT: I'm not a negative person, I just say how I feel on certain subjects.

    Plies is lyrically trash. That's a fact. Most of his listeners are dumba** folks who call anybody who doesn't listen to him a 'Hater'. That's ANOTHER fact.

    So take your bullshit elsewhere.

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    I love Plies. He is honestly my favorite rapper. He always have something for you to listen to, depending on your mood. I listen to Plies cause I can relate, I don't have everything given to me, in the hood ect..I started listenin to Plies when I heard his song Somebody[loves you]..That sounds relate to me and my family, and especially my Dad...All I can say is Plies is the truth and all the hater[Z] can fall back!.

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    There's always haterz plies sexy as hell and I luv da way he raps he's da s**t even tho he be soundin mad as hell when he raps yellin and **** LoL but I luv him =)

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