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What Is It Like To Live In Spain?

What do you do for fun?

What is the crime rate?

How is the weather?

What is the shopping/fashion like?

&& any other details you'd like to add :)

thankyou so much!

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    I live in Málaga. It is a very diverse country. The crime rate is lower than the UK or USA. The weather on average is great. Over 300 days of sunshine a year and never a frost, though we have seen a little snow this year higher up.

    For fun, it's mostly socialising, but the Spanish people love to party. Everytime theres a fiesta, they stay out very late at night. Lots of fireworks, sometimes at 4am.

    The fashion for women is way ahead of countries such asa the UK, though their taste in clothes is different.

    If you move here from the UK you will find that the pace of life is slower. If you have a problem and need a plumber or electrician or someone similar. They will say they will be there by 10am, well, you have to expect that they will be there sometime after 10am. They will turn up when you least expect them. It's frustrating, but it's a slower pace of life.

    • I realise you posted this 5 years ago but I am looking for some information about Malaga in particular areas around lake Vinuela as I am thinking about living there.
      Can you give me more information please?

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    OK.........firstly do not even listen to a word Elissa has just said, SHE CAN'T EVEN SPELL so it's plain to see she is just stupid, and has probably never even been to Barcelona (which in fact is in the region of Catalonia, and has a completely different language/culture/history and although it is technically in Spain, it is not seen as 'Spain' as they want to be independant.

    As to answer your question, Spain is an amazing country. I have been to Sevilla, Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and regularly go to Madrid as i have family there. The weather can vary depending on where you go, but the summers are very hot and in some places you will have mild winters, others you will get warm winters. There is a big difference in the north to the south so it's hard to say really, you need to be more specific rather than 'Spain' in general.

    The crime rate as far as i am aware is fine. I've never had any problems except for in the Canary Islands, but they are heavily tourist populated, so coming across many drunk Brits is an unfortunate certainty!! But other than that no problem at all. Shopping and fashion.......i have to say it's really not my kinda thing so i cant help you on that one.

    I will add that the food is simply amazing!! Nothing better than stopping off in a nice little Tapas bar and having some Spanish chorizo or jamon with a glass of wine or a beer! Also the overall way of life in Spain is sooo much better and more relaxed than that of the UK. Overall it is a very 'family orientated' country and in my opinion a excellent country to raise a family. I am 21 and almost finished with my Travel and Tourism Degree, and i also speak Spanish on a basic level but i will be moving out there next year so this will improve, i spend a lot of time there as i have family so i would 100% recommend you to visit the capital of Madrid firstly, it never gets boring for me!!!

    Source(s): Been travelling to Spain for the past 11 years.
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    I have been living in Spain since 1991 and it really is the same as living anywhere else except we have sun!!

    Fun things to do, are more or less the same as you would do in the UK cinema, restaurants, dancing, etc, but I live in Benidorm so we also have 3 large amusement/fun parks and tourists can pay to go in for a day, but we can get a year round pass and go anytime (except some months in the winter)

    Crime rate is the same as well, with the same problems as the UK, although I think the UK has more knife crime if you believe the news.]Weather well, as I said it's got it's advantages in Spring and Autumn as whilst you have the cold in the UK we have it very pleasantly warm, but summer can be very hot indeed, temperatures reaching 40 degrees!!

    Fashion/shopping is a bit more boring I think, and more expensive than the UK. However, the thing I do like about Spain regarding fashion is that children dress like children here, they don't yearn to look like mini adults from the age of 5 like the UK, so I like that. Kids grow up far too quick in the UK.

    So in general we have the same things as anywhere else, we do the same things too. Do I miss things from the UK, yes some things like cheap shopping, variety of food is far greater in the UK too and I miss the green green grass and the countryside. Too much beach can be me!!

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    It depends what you like to do... I'm 17 and mostly people hang-out in bars and cafés, on a friday or saturday night you go to the discoteca

    my region has very low crime, because we have no torusist, things do get stolen in the Summer and during San Ferms

    Weather... each region is diffrent... I live in the North, we have dry warm summers and wet and oftern snow in Winter

    but every region is diffrent

    Fashion... like other European countries... all the same shops exist

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    I often spend my half an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

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    I don't think this is feasible

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    i have been to spain , infact i have been alova the world if u wanna in barcelona DONT!!!


    becuz they go to the beah topless and bottomless my family were the only ones there with bathers on

    anotherr reason?

    it stinks!! the surige pipes are below u and it stinks like crap and piss

    maybe try other places in spain but not barcelona

    Source(s): EXPERIANCE
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