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communication noise是什麼意思阿?

我在Wikipedia找到communication noise的解釋如下(可是看不是很懂)~

Communication noise refers to influences on effective communication that influence the interpretation of conversations. While often looked over, communication noise can have a profound impact both on our perception of interactions with others and our analysis of our own communication proficiency.

所以...請幫我解釋一下communication noise??


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    如果你要知道這裡所謂的 communication noise 是什麼, 那麼抽象的描述或概述並未能使你了解, 甚至令你更 confused. 哪你再看下去那裡面有說:

    Forms of communication noise include psychological noise, physical noise, physiological and semantic noise.

    接下來我就大概解釋一下這四種 noises:

    1. Psychological noise results from preconceived notions we bring to conversations, such as racial stereotypes, reputations, biases, and assumptions.

    像是我們的偏見, 固定的見解, 假設等都算是心理上的noise

    2. Physical noise is any external or environmental stimulus that distracts us from receiving the intended message sent by a communicator (Rothwell 11). Examples of physical noise include: others talking in the background, background music, a startling noise and acknowledging someone outside of the conversation.

    這個應當比較容易了解就是: 我們環境四周, 像是有人講話的聲音, 背景音樂聲或忽然的聲響, 都算是物理上的 noise

    3. Physiological noise is the bodily factors which influence communication. This includes the way these feelings and movements affect both the sender and the receiver. The sender may feel sick to his or her stomach and have a racing heart caused by nervousness about a public speech or stress from work. The receiver may notice the sender sweating, twitching, or glancing away. All these noises affect the way the sender is able to effectively communicate as well as the way the receiver is able to effectively decode the message. The receiver may interpret these signs of nerves to the sender being dishonest without there being any verbal clue to indicate that the he or she is lying.

    這個就是說生理上的 noise, 像是我們身體的感覺, 感受會影響溝通時雙方訊息的傳遞是否正確的被傳遞及接收. 這裡是引用說話者在演講時的生理反應來判斷說話者所傳遞的訊息是否真實.

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    4. Of the various forms of noise, semantic noise may be the most common and difficult to define. It can best be described as particular diction or syntax that leads to confusion or misinterpretation of the intended message.

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    One reason semantic noise is so widespread is how easily it can extend to written language. For example, the reader may perceive this article to be correct if it is written well enough, though that has little to do with the content.

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    However, a person using language this formal in casual conversation may seem a bit strange. Semantic noise often takes the form of disrespectful or outdated terminology that offends a particular group or demographic.

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    It also occurs with words or phrases that mean different things to different people. Indeed, semantic noise occurs to some extent or another in almost all forms of verbal communication.

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    這就是所謂的語意上的 noise. 譬如說一篇文章寫的很好, 無文法上的錯誤, 但卻不一定內容很充實或你在口語上交談時, 誤用很正式的語言, 這也都算是語意上的noise.

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    綜合上面四點, 就是我們在 communication 時會遇到的四種 noises.

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    1. Wikipedia 銓釋


    溝通雜 訊可能對與他人互動的認知及對我們自己的溝通專精的分析會有深遠的影響。

    2. 在溝通模型中含 發訊者/ 收訊者/ 信息 / 回饋信息 / 編碼 /解碼 / 溝通雜訊 等要素。

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