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Can I wear skinny jeans if I do not have skinny legs or will it look horrible?

OK, so i am a college track runner and my legs are extremely muscular. My friends say i should get some skinny jeans to go clubbing but i have an *** and thighs and i don't think it would be too flattering. I mean, i am pretty small compared to alot of girls who wear them but with my body type, do you think i should even bother?

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    GO FOR IT !! ... im pleasently plump lolz and i love skinny jeanz.. iv always hated a flaired leg ... i think they'd look great on you!!!

  • Pamela
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    hey girl i have the same problem! im double zero but when i wear skinny jeans im a 1. ive been doin ballet since i was three and i have muscular legs. i hate putting on skinny jeans bc it fits in the legs but the waist is two sizes too big! ive tried everything i cant make my legs smaller and i dont want to lose the muscles bc i need them for pointe! i just ran the waist in and it feels so much better! hope i helped :-)

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    Skinny jeans look BETTER on girls with muscle - no one likes chicken legs (okay, so SOME people seem to like them these days, but they're not pretty). The people who need to stay away from them are women who are top-heavy (carrying a bunch of weight in the back/stomach/arms) because it's too off-balance.

    Go for it.

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    Skinny jeans on skinny legs looks HORRIBLE. it sounds like with your legs they would like great. go to the shop and try some on if they feel good buy them if they dont feel right then don't buy them.

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    Aslong as your stomach isnt hanging over your pants, dont worry about it!

    I love skinny jeans, there all i wear. I have a really small waist, really toned legs and a big *** and they look fine on me.. or so i think ? haha

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    1 decade ago

    skinny jeans would look really good just dont get them so there tight all the way down

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    Skinny jeans look BAD on thin legs they look better on bigger legs.

  • Anonymous
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    I think they look good on muscular girls. Since your in track your probably not overweight or anything...but if you are i would say dont get them.

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    if you wanna get skinny jeans,

    you might just wanna stick with straight leg.

    so it's not like compltely skinny but you get the drift.

    be proud of your butt. ;]

    hahah theyre like ... the new boobs.

    or whatever. idk. if your getting pants


    get dark. dark wash. or whatever theyre called.

    they slim down your legs amazingly.

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    go for it!

    I felt the same way before I got my first pair.

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