Someone who knows about England teenagers -- help!?

I'm trying to write a story/book about a teenage girl who moves from London, England to California. I was wondering if you could give me some tidbits of information about England, such as;

A pretty, English, girl's name.

Where teenagers hang out.

What kind of clothing they wear a lot (the rich people).

A name of a prestigious boarding school over there.

Some common sayings/slang they use.

Anything interesting you'd like to share.

I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for everything!

&& P.S. If you're going to say stuff like "go look it up yourself" then don't even bother answering because I already did. And if I actually found the stuff I needed, I wouldn't be here.(:

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    1) English names tned to be pretty traditional eg. Sarah, Louise, Jennifer, Rachel etc.

    2) Teenagers tend to hang out at schools, in the street, at shops, in parks etc.

    3) The clothing that claire40 described is really only common to 'Chavs' (the British equivalent of white trash), rich kids will tend to wear pretty much what American kids wear (as a lot of fashion is copied from TV shows which appear in both countries)

    4) The most prestigious boarding schools are Eton, Harrow and Rugby

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    You'd have to ask the 1% of the population that are the rich people.

    Claire40 isn't talking about rich people but the chavs.

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    I am a teenager from UK, go to the park, down the beach, to the cinema, to town, swimming, oceana(nightclub for under 16s), cadets, street dance(usually like the cheerleaders in your place i guess), sporting activities: netball, football (soccer) etc... and go over each others houses eat pizza, have sleepovers and movie nights... Go watch the boys play rugby down the rugby club.. play pool down there, just hang round i guess....

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    Charlotte..they like classic names over there eg rosie, elizabeth etc

    They hang out on the streets like anywhere else.

    Clothes....they like to be clones wearing their hair, straightened and in a tightly slicked back ponytail, with large silver hooped earrings, lots of eyeliner and mascara, with white eyeshadow and light pink lip gloss.

    They have TIGHT trousers ( NOT pants as pants over there means underwear!) with a tight top ( bra showing often) and a puff jacket and a fur trim around the hood.


    that was well good,

    you're doing my head in,!

    that was pants!

    you're taking the micky ( or michael)

    alright? ( its a greeting like I would say "how are you going?)

    School vary, but a flash grammer school...look up grammer schools in the uk and you might find one.

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    oi means "hey"

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