Pros and Cons of Ruger Mini-30?

I want to know if a Ruger Mini-30 is worth it. I don't want anybody saying it sucks or it's awesome because it's made by Ruger. I want answers from people that have had A LOT of experience with this firearm.

Here are some specific questions I also want answered:

Does the Mini-30's barrel heat up as fast as the Mini-14's?

Is the all weather version of the Mini-30 the only version available?

For normal target shooting, is it decently accurate? (I don't really care about super-sniper accuracy).

Between the Mini-30 and the Mini-14, which one do your prefer?

Any other information you can add besides the questions I asked above will be greatly appreciated.

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    I own a couple of Ruger Mini 30 and Mini 14 rifles and have to say its one of my favorite rifles -- The build quality is absolutely excellent and I get a lot of fun and enjoyment out of it....

    Now that being said here are the not so nice things ---- Its what I call paper plate accurate - Well not that bad -- When first taken out for the day when the barrel is cool I can get the first 5 rounds right into a 3 inch circle at 100 yards.... When the barrel gets heated up the shot groups get wider than that --- I surely have never had a problem taking a wild hog, coyote and other smallish to medium size critters to 125 yards with a Ruger Mini 30 ---- If on the other hand you want to shoot small prairie dogs to 200 yards you can just forget it -- ain't going to happen!

    For normal target shooting? -- This gun is excellent for that --- But lets clarify target shooting..... I have 2 of these all weather Stainless Mini 30 rifles -- One has a Nikon 2-7X32MM shotgun scope on it... And the other I use the open sights.... Before I go further look over the ballistics characteristics of the 7.62X39MM cartridge...

    As you can see its up 3 inches at 100 yards is flat at 150 yards, down 3 inches at 200 yards (not shown) and as much as 14 inches at 300 yards.... It is NOT a long range rifle cartridge -- The .223 from a Ruger Mini 14 has a longer flatter trajectory..... Anyways -- As long as you know the limitations of the cartridge and use the Mini 30 within its limitations you will be quite satisfied....

    Concerning target shooting -- I shoot at steel plates / gongs. I set 8, 12 and 15 inch steel plates to 150 yards and have no trouble hitting them with a scope (my old eyes arent that good these days).... This rifle has no trouble hitting the steel -- The nice thing is you can hear the pling thru your earplugs and see the gongs swing on the chains --- If you want sub MOA accuracy its not going to happen with the Mini 30....

    Is this rifle for you??? I cant really answer that... I own many fine rifle's but have to say the most enjoyment I get from target shooting or taking a critter at closer ranges is with my Ruger rifle's... I honestly believe these are the finest built carbines money can buy... I do own AR15 rifles but will say most of the time they just collect dust because I like the Rugers better -- They feel better on my back on a sling than an AR, are polite looking so they dont creep out hikers when I am in the woods, are easy to unjamb on the rare occassion they do (very rare) and are excellent to have if a social situation went bad.... The ammo is real cheap too!..

    Be aware! -- These do cost about $700.... Thats a lot of money -- I know some folks who spent that kind of money and got disappointed quick because it wasnt as accurate as his Remington bolt action rifle - and of course I swooped right in and grabbed it for $500 - The fellow only ran 50 rounds thru it...

    Simply put -- If you buy it - use a Ruger Mini 30 or even the Mini 14 within its limitation you will surely be most satisfied....

    As you will note some folks dont care for these Mini's

    And others like me absolutely love them!.....

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    I have a ranch rifle in .223, and the new target mini 14, but no mini 30. The reason I dont have a mini 30 is because I dont see a real world use for that cartridge. Just not a fan of it. Now, I would like to trade my ranch rifle for a new all weather in 6.8spc, that would be a nice little deer rifle or truck gun. My ranch rifle is about 8 years old and has the very unimpressive accuracy of all mini's from years past. This years new mini's are really a step up in accuracy-and when I say that i mean keeping 5 shots on a paper plate at 100yds was stellar accuracy from the older mini's. The new guns I have seen shot at my club are turning in 2" or less 3 shot groups all day long, with .223 and 7.62x39. My target rifle has shot an honest to god 1/4" 3 shot group, took a while playing with the barrel weight and handloads. Barrel heating will happen with both calibers if you dont give sufficient time between shot strings. Shoot three rounds, wait a few minutes, then go again, this will reduce fliers. The ammo for both of your rifles would be ultra cheap as surplus fodder is readily availible. Here again, it is all up to you and your preferences. Me personally I like the 6.8 spc for all around use, it has acceptable numbers for 200 yards and less for deer and the like. So it has my pick for versatility. But no matter what, buy a new model, not an older model. Good hunting.

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    Pros and Cons of Ruger Mini-30?

    I want to know if a Ruger Mini-30 is worth it. I don't want anybody saying it sucks or it's awesome because it's made by Ruger. I want answers from people that have had A LOT of experience with this firearm.

    Here are some specific questions I also want answered:

    Does the...

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    The Mini-30 is a redesigned Mini-14, it shoots the AK47 round 7.62 x 39mm, instead of the .223 that is chambered by the Mini-14. Ruger wanted to give its fan base a new rifle based on the Mini-14 design that could be used to hunt deer with. The major complaint with the .223 of the Mini-14 was that it was not humane to kill deer with. So Ruger offered a more hunter friendly round in the Mini-30 the 7.62 x 39mm which has roughly the same ballistics as the old 30-30 Winchester. The Ruger Mini-30 is a great rifle, for hunting deer, for fun at the range, and for defending the home.

    The Pros: It shoots a bigger round, which has more knockdown power. It is a reliable rifle design and has been proven. The Mini-30's barrel is more robust and will sustain heat much better than the Mini-14's barrel. The 7.62 x 39mm round has been known to kill deer.

    The Cons: The 7.62 x 39mm though it has a lot of knockdown power has a kick drop in its ballistics. It is considered to be maximum effective up to 300 yards, compared to the .223 at 500 yards.

    Source(s): But if I had to choose one of them. I would pick the Mini-30 hands down, it's a great rifle.
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    I own a Mini-30 Ranch rifle and have added the Tapco Stock with the extendable shoulder stock and rubber recoil pad. I also sent the trigger group away to have it worked to a lighter and crisper trigger. It is fairly accurate and I can shoot 2-in groups @ 100yds with it. I think it will shoot better groups when I start reloading my own ammo with .308 bullets instead of the .311 ammo that is available. It is also my backup deer rifle since it is comparable to a 30/30 with soft point ammo. 7.62x39 ammo is fairly cheap too. The barrel does heat up fairly quickly but no worse than other rifles.

    Here are the cons: The cheap bulk ammo is designed for AKs and SKSs, which actually have a .311 barrel diameter, the Mini-30 has a .308 barrel. It has a .311 chamber that squeeeeezes the bullet down to .308 as it travels down the barrel. This is where the "inaccuracy" comes from, but it is alot better than the Minis from a few years ago. Also, it is hard to find a reliable high capacity magazine. I have a few 10s that are good and the 5 that came with it, but that's it. The Pro-Mag 30 is a piece of junk. There is a big difference between impact points between FMJ, JHP and Soft Point ammo. You have to resight your scope if you want to change ammo.

    Between the .223 Mini-14 and the 7.62 Mini-30....I want my Mini-30!!! (hunting deer was a big consideration). If ammo cost is not a problem, look into the Mini-14 in 6.8SPC. I love that cartridge for all around use, but it costs waaaaaay to much to just plink with.

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    It really depends on what you are using it for. The Ruger 30/ Mini 14 series was designed to be a ranch rifle used to shoot small game that was threatening livestock.

    The 30 will be able to put down something larger, but the 14 is no slouch and can take out dogs,coyotes and even a well placed shot can take out a deer.

    The barrel will heat up jsut as fast as the 14, but will probably get a little hotter. A scope wouldnt be a bad idea, and it is decently accurate.

    Rugers website can get you any style of the 30 that you want, but since the site is overpriced you mich want to check with your local gun store to see what they can order.

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    Mini-14. Mini-30 is just to take 7.62 x 39 rounds. The problem is sometimes there are massive shortages of 7.62 x 39 in the US as it's not produced on the scale of 5.56 NATO and requires import. Sometimes there are import games being played concerning firearms and ammo.

    You get a little more bang out of a 7.62 x 39, and it's a lot like firing a .30-30, which kind of begs why not just go with a .30-30 or something akin like a 7.62 NATO if you want a bigger bullet.

    Long story made short is if you want something where you will be able to find ammo readily and live in a NATO country, then go with the Mini-14. If you live where 7.62 x 39 is abundant and there have been no shortages (ask your local gun store -especially about 2006).

  • 1 decade ago

    I have a Ruger Mini 14 and I love it. I just use it for target practice, no scope or anything. It's design is like the M1 Garand. If you want a high capacity clip, you might want to buy it soon before big brother Obama decides that you don't need one.

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    Mini-14's have a history of not being very accurate and cost about $600 each. For that price you can get a a standard AK and for about $800 get a standard AR-15. I don't know why anyone would want to spend the money on a $1000 arsenal AK. It look like most parts will be interchangeable like the furniture. And most AK's are some kind of knock off. TRUE AK-47's were made in Russia and were produced until 1959.

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