great people on sid meiers civ rev?

on the xbox 360 game "sid Meier's civilization revolution" i have every single great person except one, and ive done 10 campaigns trying to get this one great builder. I don't know which ones I currently have, but I know I have Cheops James Watt and Nebuchadnezzar(or however its spelt) b/c they have the strangest names.

What are all of the Great Builders and how can they be obtained?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hey! The great people pop up randomly so if you just play it through a few more times on easy you might just get him. I can't tell which one u are missing because you didn't mention who you have but that should not matter. Hope that helps!

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  • tait
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    4 years ago

    Yea it is particularly authentic. i for my section like fidgeting with out attacking easily easily everyone and attempting to construct my economic gadget. extremely I yell on the reveal screen while yet another empire assaults me and ruins my exciting lol. yet you ought to have some solid defenses.

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