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A.K.C. Registration Help?

i want to register my 5month old pure american bulldog, but i dont know how...and i do not understand what they want by registration number from application... help please? greatly appreciated.

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    The litter needs to be registered by the breeder, and for that, both parents have to be registered on a full registration with the AKC (or supported foreign registry).

    If not, then you cannot register your dog.

    Add: and I'm assuming you mean bulldog - the "American bulldog" isn't recognized by the AKC.

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    AKC does not register an american bulldog. UKC will register the dog though. I just bought a UKC registered and pedigreed (photo) american bulldog. He is only 2 months old and I went to the breeders house and examined both of the parents and he was second pick of the litter, first pick male. Amazing dogs (AB) and if you got a good one, congratulations. Try and socialize him as much as possible otherwise he will be a handfull around people he does not recognize, even though they don't pose a threat. Just go to the UKC website and they will let you know the process. To get the dog registered is easy to get the pedigree from the breeder and through the UKC is a bit harder. You need both parents and registration numbers and names, color and lineage of the grandparents. However, just 2 generations of knowledge can get you a pedigree.

    Hope this helps

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    An American Bulldog isn't a recognized breed known the the AKC (American Kennel Club). Only the English Bulldog is registrable with the AKC. If you were to have AKC papers for your pure bred American Bulldog then you've got fraud papers then.

    Source(s): Had an American Bulldog for 15 years.
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  • Aluka
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    The only way you can register your dog is if both parents are registered and your breeder registered the litter. So your first step is to speak with the breeder you obtained your puppy from and ask for his paperwork.


    That is very true.. Unless you are referring to a "Bulldog", you can not register him with the AKC. The "American Bulldog" is not a recognized breed.

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