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Puppy and sarcoptic mange question!!?

Hello, I've just aquired a 9 week old puppy from this horrible family that left her in a barn and locked her in a dirty basement. She came to me with horrible itching and she was going bald with sores. I took her to the vet today and they did a skin scrape for demodex (spelling??) it came back negative but she says it's more than likely sarcoptic mange because her ears were crusty , inflammed and itchy. She was given an injection of ivomec. My question is how long after the shot will it start to work? I know her fur growing could take a while but how long till the itching is gone and she can start to heal? Thanks.


Let me REPHRASE the question, I already had the vet give her a vaccine for the condition. A vaccine called Ivomec, has anyone else had experience with this drug on their pets and if so how long did it take for it to work???? I'd ask the vet but they are now closed. Keep your thoughless and rude responses to yourself. Thanks to all the other "real" answers.

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    Happy Jack products sells a sarcoptic mange treatment that also is soothing to the dogs skin. It takes a long time for dogs to get over mange especially, considering the conditions she was kept in. Mange can also be a sign of immune problems.

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    Since you were just at the vet call them and ask them how long the itching will last and if there's any meds you can give him to help stop the itching. It could be something simple and doesn't cost a lot.I'm glad you save the dog and his life.

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    The best medication for the itching would be to dip this baby in a dip called LYM dip,safe for pups and is used for all types of mange.It can be purchased at any feed outlet in your area.You could also call your vet and get him to give you some steroid pills,this will also help your pup very quickly.

    Source(s): Breeder in Mississippi
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  • Sandra
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    Better to be safe then sorry. Get a huge supply of rubber gloves, keep them handy, keep children away from them until the vet gives the green light, and lots of hand washing.

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    Why are so many folks afraid to ask questions of the vet? You are paying her, she isn't paying you. ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Call your vet, and ask her.

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