I have questions about the Catholic Church in China.?

Is it true that the church is not run by the pope, but rather by the Chinese government? If so, how is church different (besides leadership of course)?

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    There is 1 recognized Catholic Church in the China, and that is the government funded one. The government began to do this after many people began to practice Christianity. They wanted to regulate beliefs and make sure it didn't go against the government. Priests have to go through government funded seminaries, and only read off of government approved readings. Communist ideas are blended into their teachings.

    Many of these priests and believers recognize the pope as their spiritual leader but renounce his primacy. They recognize that the Communist government is their political leader so they must acknowledge communist ideas. They also must approve of abortion and birth control. Otherwise their beliefs are pretty much the same. They have valid sacraments, and "since, beginning with the early 1980s, nearly all [bishops] "took advantage of the renewed contacts with missionaries and foreign priests to send letters to Rome in which they declared their full communion with the Pope and the desire to be recognized as legitimate bishops. So ... the bishops subjected to the political control of the Patriotic Association tried the path of canonical sanatio to ... affirm their communion with the Pope, kept hidden because of external conditions, but never renounced in their hearts." Those few Chinese bishops who have not done so remain in formal schism."

    There is also an underground Catholic church... that is loyal to the pope. Masses and worship is done in secret. In fact, some Catholics in China do not even know about it.It is very dangerous and those who are caught are persecuted. You probably have heard of religious leaders in China being arrested. The government in China estimates 4 million Catholics in China, but there are probably many more, if you count these underground churches.

    There are many videos on youtube about Christianity and Catholicism in China. They are very informative, and it sad to here about the enormous persecution, and amazing to see how much faith these people have.

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Patriotic_Cat... me, wikipedia, youtube Pray for those being persecuted around the world and in China for their faith, and for the Church in China.
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    There is little or no freedom of religion in China.

    The neighborhood Catholic Churches in China are under the authority of the Chinese government, not the Pope.

    The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association is a division of the People's Republic of China's Religious Affairs Bureau to exercise state supervision over mainland China's Catholics. The Communist Party of China wants no organization in mainland China owing allegiance to "foreign influence", in this case, every other Catholic on the planet including the Pope.

    Ever since it's creation in the 1950's, the Catholic Church has deplored the attitude and activities of the Association and declared the bishops who participated in consecrating new bishops selected by the Association to be excommunicated.

    It is estimated that there are 13 million Catholics in China, 8 million following the underground church still loyal to Rome and 5 million following the officially sanctioned Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association.

    Here is the Pope's letter to Chinese Catholics: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/let...

    With love in Christ.

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    The Roman Catholic Church is officially banned in the country, the Chinese government demands that all Chinese "Catholics" must be loyal to the State, and that worship must legally be conducted through State-approved churches (belonging to the "Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association"); this way, Catholics are pressured to break communion with the Holy See by requiring them to renounce an essential belief in Catholicism, the primacy of the Roman Pontiff. Catholics loyal to the pope currently worship clandestinely, out of fear of imprisonment.

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