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Which do you like best: Richard, Geoffrey, or John?

Which name do you like the best - Richard, Geoffrey, or John.



I'm watching The Lion in Winter right now! I love it!

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    Richard is the nicest name.

    But tell me this: Is it a coincidence that these are the names of Henry II's three sons in "The Lion In Winter"? Sorry its just that its one of my favorite movies so I thought that was strange.

    It would be funny then if you could base your decision on the personalities of the characters:

    John: Childish, nosepicking inept idiot

    Geoffrey: Conniving, disloyal and scheming

    Richard: The Lionheart, the most honest, forthright and brave, with only character flaw being that he was having an affair with the king of France.

    Anyway, sorry I just had to go completely off-topic because of the coincidence.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Definitely Richard. It is such a great, classy name. And it's not so overally common like Geoffrey or John. Everyone is named John.

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    Richard i guess, not a big fan of any of the names though.

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    John. I like Richard more for a Middle name like: Koda Richard!

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    I love, love, LOVE John. It's so simple & strong and believe it or not, not widely used today! Very classic name. Love it!

  • None.

    They're a bit old fashion and ugly...Sorry!

    These are my favs:

    Liam Conner

    Landon Zachary

    Braxton James

    Aiden Nicholas

    Brayden Matthew

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    1 decade ago

    Richard is a very cute boys name. I think it is the best boys name that you have listed here. You're welcome!

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