questions about the career of car design?

so i want to go to school for automotive design but i do have some questions.

are you garunteed a job with automotive design when you graduate college?

how much do they make a year?

how many years of college?

is it hard to get into a design school/college?

i am just worried.. i dont want to go to college without the assurance that i will have a job when i graduate because of how bad the economy is and how competitive that field is?

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  • Wawa
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    1 decade ago
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    Since several auto manufacturers have design facilities in Michigan, the University of Michigan has students of that field. I have attached a link to an article on their website about graduates of their art and design program.

    Design of an automobile involves vast amounts of data: the price the manufacturer wants to sell the car, the weight of the car as it affects gas mileage, coefficient of drag, etc. I recommend you get well acquainted with the University of Michigan site and send them any questions you may have. I know of GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Nissan design divisions in Michigan, and there may be others such as Hyundai there.

  • acuna
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    4 years ago

    do slightly prognosis into business layout. this may well be a extra vast layout base which will open extra jobs in the layout industry. take classes concerning to layout and in case you could mechanics and engineering. In a aggressive field like this the wider your awareness the extra effective. if guy or woman A can draw marvelous automobiles, and guy or woman B can draw marvelous automobiles AND has a robust customary awareness of motor vehicle mechanics they're going to hire guy or woman B.

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