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Would you leave the relationship?

I am in a relationship with a woman who knows about my addiction to infantilism (wearing diapers). I don't want to call it a fetish, because unlike a fetish, I don't 'need' diapers to be aroused. I know most people have little to no understanding of the issues of infantilism. The term 'infantilism' has such a broad range that those who practice even a mild form of it, although keeping to themselves, seem to get a very negative reaction. The only clarification I want to make is that it has NOTHING to do with children AT ALL. Now for me,, I don't go around dressing nor acting like a baby. I keep my business to myself and don't go around flaunting it or putting it in people's faces by making it obvious that I wear diapers. In fact, no one has ever known I wear diapers except for my GF (who I recently told). We are both christian believers, and she is of the strong opinion that having this addiction to diapers is a hindrance to my life. While I know this addiction of mine isn't something that is not shared by mainstream society, I don't think it is harming anything. I apologize if my question is a bit long, but I am trying to put as many facts as I can into it, so that those answering can be as informed as possible. I do, on occasion, wet the diapers while wearing them, but generally don't carry it any further than that. Basically I wear under my normal clothes, and go about mt daily business without anyone knowing.

My questions are.

1) If after moving to an other state to be with the person you are dating and claim to love ( having known of their diaper addiction BEFORE you ever moved) would you break off the relationship?

2) How would you feel if the person you are with wears diapers from time to time, even though they don't flaunt it?

3) If diapers give me such comfort, and pleasure, from time to time,,,should I do away with them, or is my GF being insensitive in her request/demand for me to give them up perminatly?

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, and I will try to answer them ( if I can) before I choose a best answer.

This is a serious question, and so I am asking that those wishing to make immature comments, please find some other question to leave your stupid remarks on.

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    1, If I would have known about the addicton and still moved I would probably stay with the person. It is silly to let the other person believe that you are gonna stay with them and than leave. My opinion is that if someone doesn't like something about me than they can go u know where and I dont care:)) Cuz I am who I am. If she cannot accept u and love u the way u are than too bad for her.

    2, Now my question is that do u void in the diapers, or u still use the bathroom. Trust me I didnt feel too comfortable asking this question:)) Now if u wear them from time to time, like once a week or something and u don't void in them than it's no biggy. Although probably it would start to bother me after a while:(

    3, I think that u should still talk to a psychologist, because the comfort u get from diapers might come from some early childhood trauma or something like that. Wearing diapers doesn't hurt anyone so it's not like ur a pedofile or something. So as long as it makes u feel comfy I guess u should just go ahead and wear them. I have to admit that they are not really manly though.

    I think u should find someone who doesn't mind it, instead of trying to talk a really religious girl into accepting it. It is not gonna happen. If I were u I would only stop wearing them or keep trying to convince her if she is the LOVE of ur life. But there are plenty fish in the sea, and u can probably find one that fits u and ur interesting addicton or habbit. :**

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    1). Remember people have limitations. So your in a relationship honesty is important. I would seek some help for this person because the behavior is not normal. I would have to look at the entire relationship before decing to to leave. Like are there frequent arguments? Are we truly in love? Have you been caught being dishonest in the past?

    2). Lmao women wear a form of diapers every month. I would be concerned if my husband started wearing diapers. Because its kinda weird.

    3). It depends you have to decide which one is more important. If you love her and want to marry her then you want her to feel secure. If this is just a fling them enjoy your diapers. Sounds pretty serious you guys have relocated together.

    Other than that you sound like a fun person. I hope I was able to help you with this serious decision. Good Luck

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    If she knew about this , maybe she never realized how much it would affect her. Maybe she thought your diaper addiction would go away. If it makes you happy and it's not harming anyone, then you should do what you see fit. But in reality, it is harming your relationship..isn't it. Have you talked to anyone professionally about the diaper addiction? I really don't understand why it's something you enjoy, but everyone has something that brings them comfort, and this seems to work for you. It might come down to choosing between your gf and the diapers. Apparently she isn't handeling it too well. Maybe talking to a professional with her alongside could be helpful for her to understand why. You shouldn't have to change who you are for anyone...but I'm sure many women wouldn't know how to react to this. It sounds like you might have some tough choices to make. Good luck...hope this helps...

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    Your infantilism has taken me by surprise, first time I hear of it but there are a lot of other types of "lisms" we don't know about. Concerning your situation, what I don't understand is why have you not seeked professional help. You do not mention it at all which could mean that you refuse to get rid of this addiction just like a smoker and any other addiction. Yes it is possible that your g/f who loved you before got a bit dissapointed and I do not blame her for trying to get you to quit and get help. You are the one with the problem, remember, not her. Address your problem and don't treat it as a family member cause its not, it is a very serious matter and don't expect others to tolerate it, its not right, not normal and not fair to expect your woman to put up with it. Good luck

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    This may or may not be a fetish, but it is a kink. I'm all in favor of free and open self-expression, so, even though this kink isn't on my radar, I would encourage anyone to be honest about this. To me, this isn't a changeable thing - it's just something you enjoy. People can psychoanalyze all they want, but it won't change your circuitry. So...

    1. If I were in love with a woman, I'd accept and work with her desires. The more open, the better.

    2. Honestly, I'm not sure how I'd feel. If I loved them and loved who they were, I'd try to understand it even if it didn't sit right initially.

    3. Tough call. You can do away with them for awhile and see how everything works out. You're not married, you can change your mind later.

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    1) If after moving to an other state to be with the person you are dating and claim to love ( having known of their diaper addiction BEFORE you ever moved) would you break off the relationship?


    2) How would you feel if the person you are with wears diapers from time to time, even though they don't flaunt it?


    3) If diapers give me such comfort, and pleasure, from time to time,,,should I do away with them, or is my GF being insensitive in her request/demand for me to give them up perminatly?


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    sit her down just the two of yall and ask her if she has a problem and let her explain it to you if it bothers her that much than the real problem is what you decide you could leave the relationship and take a chance on the next person you meet not being able to accept it. or get rid of them and not be truly happy . and finally see if ya'll cant come to a compromise like something along the lines of you only wearing them a certain times or something like that but all in all its a tuff decision but if it was me id have to know i truly love the girl before changing my wants and needs for that person.

  • Emma
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    1) Sometimes you don't realize how you'll react to a situation until you're in it... sometimes you think you can handle it, but the reality is much worse than you though. Sounds like this is what your girlfriend is feeling.

    2) I haven't been in that situation, but I really don't think I would be able to fully respect them

    3) Does it matter? I'm guessing you're not going to get over this, and she isn't either. There really isn't a compromise in this situation, unless she's understanding enough to allow it once a month when she's not around.

  • x2000
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    You are right in that it does not hurt anyone. For me, hearing about someone wearing diapers, as in the case you describe, makes me think that the person is mentally ill, especially if he/she relieve themselves in it. It says to me that the person does not want to give up childhood, and is possibly lazy towards using the restroom. I would try to get the prospective mate to behave adult like, and stop this behavior, or I would leave if it continued. If it was early on in the relationship, I would drop them as soon as I found out.

  • rooney
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    You need to be with someone who knows of this from the beginning and might actually like to participate in the activity, like possibly take the role of a mommy or babysitter, etc. I think you should seriously consider ending the relationship because you two will constantly be at odds about this.

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