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Installing Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2?

My computer is telling me that some files need to be replaced and i need to insert my Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD but my computer didn't come with this CD. Should i download the file from somewhere and burn it to a disc, then insert it? If so, where do i find the file?


The computer with the problem also does not have internet if that changes your answer. thx

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    Hopefully you have a partition that's for making recovery disks. Make those disks now, while you can.

    If you have a restore point that's before when service pack 2 was installed and is less than 2 weeks old, try using system restore to get back there. Then try installing service pack 2 again. If your restore point to get back is older than 2 weeks, it's risky but try it. These items tend to go stale and fail at around this time frame. I don't know why, I just know they do.

    If your computer already had service pack 2 and your installation is new. Make your recovery disks and do a system recovery. Back up your stuff first so you can get it back.

    Otherwise you will have to find a folder called i386. That's where you need to point to to find those files.

    I've been using Vista a little too long to remember where that folder is. It could be in the root directory (C:) or it might be under the c:\Windows directory.

    Assuming you find it, then you can either point at that folder for all the files it requests or you can change a registry entry that points there.





    change the value of SourcePath to where your i386 folder is. Use the complete path such as C:\Windows\I386 or C:\I386 depending. After that, Windows will know where to look and not ask you again.

    If you can't find that folder... Well... Does your computer seem to work OK otherwise? Soldier on for the time being and find out from the manufacturer where you can get the recovery cd's.


    edit: It clipped the path for the key. I had to edit it and hopefully it now shows. Grrrr Yahoo.

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    Chances are it just needs some registry files and if thats the case the disc you have should be good...

    Did you get an error message? Do you know what files need to be replaced?

    It doesn't matter if the disk if from somewhere else, the files it is probably looking for are the same.

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  • 3 years ago

    its soliciting for a prior disc probable because of the fact the identity code you typed in is an improve version -- in case you in common terms pop in a SP2 CD - I dont think of the equipment will boot to it - (its no longer a bootable disc)

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    You can also go to and find a free recovery disk there. Then reinstall.

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