how hot can asphalt get?

For science class, i need to know how hot asphalt can get, that and how much energy is reflected by streets. It doesn't matter what units you use.

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    The ultimate temperature depends on the environmental conditions of the day you test. Wind, outside temp, humidity, latitude, cloud cover, orientation to the sun ...all effect the ultimate temperature.

    Look at this website and it says the solar reflectance for old asphalt is about .10, which means 90% of the infrared of the sun heat is being absorbed by the asphalt. With the sun emitting approximately 1000 watts per square meter at earth's surface it wouldn't seem to unlikely to achieve upwards of 150 F on windless, warm, sunny days.

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    How Hot Is Asphalt

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    When asphalt is manufactured the aggregate ( stone ) and the liquid (bituminous cement "tar") are heated to about 275 degrees. At this point it is a semi liquid. After it is installed it is compacted as it cools down. Hence the pavement can't get above 180 degrees after it is installed and in use. On a 100 degree day asphalt can reach up to 120 degrees, depending on exposure to the sun, altitude etc.

    Source(s): 29 years of the asphalt business.
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    I have seen asphalt on the apron of a race track get to 138 degrees

    Source(s): Race engineer using an infrared gun at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2008
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