Why is my brother so annoying?!?!?

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My brother keeps annoying me......i don't like him!
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Boys are like that and my brothers annoy me ALL THE TIME! they get on my nerves too i feel like beating them up!

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  • White Wolf answered 5 years ago
    If you let him see that he is annoying you, he will get pleasure from it, and won't stop. Just act like you don't notice him. When he does something to you, ignore him. If he physically hurts you, tell a parent, but if he doesn't, then try to ignore him as much as you possibly can.


    Unfortunately, experienced in this sort of situation (bratty 6 year old cousin).
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  • Gina answered 5 years ago
    they know it bothers you and they enjoy it.
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  • Answerer answered 5 years ago
    Brother's were invented to be annoying. Siblings tend to annoy each other, as they live with each other 24/7. Just ignore him and spend as little time as you can with him. You shouldn't be too annoyed be with him then, and if he starts annoying you, just go and shut your self in a room.
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  • 2boyzmama answered 5 years ago
    Sorry, that's a brother for ya! When you are both grown up, you'll love each other just the same, and laugh about the things you did to each other when you were growing up. My bro' used to pick on me and play tricks on me, and now we're good friends.
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  • anna answered 5 years ago
    dont you wish they would dissapear i hate brothers
    except for my younger brother i HATE my older brother
    annoying and always puts me down and makes me feel bad
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  • bopdaddy answered 5 years ago
    That's what brothers do
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  • Naomi answered 7 months ago
    i know how you all feel my 10 year old brother he is annoying because he has adhd ocd and other problems but he annoys me all the time and I tell him to shut up like 5 times and he wont so I ignore him and he carrys on then I lock myself in my room and listen to music up loud so he cant come in my room and annoy me but if u don't play with him or don't take notice of him he should just go away and think ''oh ok I understand now im gonna go away'' so try to go in your room lock your door and put your headphones on and listen to music up loud so u cant hear anything xxxxx
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  • Dana B answered 5 years ago
    Trust me its a brother thats what he will always do .......i hate my dad he is a cheap bastard
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