What makes a football game at your high school more than just a football game?

What sorts of things does your school promote to create a sense of community, pride, and fun at your high school football games? In short, what makes going to a game at your school different from every one else?

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    - For every homecoming game we have a different theme ('08 was Disney themed) and the cheerleaders had their cheers centered around different songs. For example "I just can't wait to be king" from the Lion King

    - We have the shirtless boys who paint numbers and names on their chests and stand out in the freezing cold

    - We have blackout games (Everyone wears black)

    - We embarass teachers and freshman at our Pep Rally every year. One kid always dresses up as our mascot = Rosie the Ram.

    - A lot of red, white and blue (our school colors)

    - The list goes on and on

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    we have an intense rivalry between 2 of schools because we have 3 highschools on one campus. 2 of the football teams are good and hate each other. i have classes in plymouth and salem even though canton is my home school where i have most of my classes and I play football for canton

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    Winning games, everybody shows up and supports the team, plenty of hot chocolate, high spirits, great half time music!

  • Anonymous
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    every year we have a fair during one of the games.

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