Is there any way to block a computer from downloading certain programs?

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I would like to stop someone in my family using Limewire (cos u know, its illegal)(and someone I know got fined A LOT of money for downloading illegal music) but every time I more
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  • jay w answered 5 years ago
There's two simple things you can do, but it's possible for them to get around it if they are pretty good at changing program properties.
You can block Limewire's website in your Internet properties. Just list Limewire's website as one that you want blocked.
Click Start, Control Panel, and then Internet Options.
Click on the Security tab.
Click on Restricted Sites and then the Sites button.
Here, you can list any website that you don't want someone to be able to visit.
Make sure you Click Apply and not just OK.
The next thing to do is to leave Limewire installed, but make changes to it's properties. The first step will only block access to that website and I'm not sure if Limewire can possibly be downloaded somewhere else so leaving Limewire on your computer and changing the settings will make it seem as though it's just screwed up.
Open Limewire.
Click Tools and then Downoads.
Change Maximum Downloads to 0 and slide the Download Bandwidth slide bar to the left.
Click Connections and uncheck the Connect on Startup
Click Searching and change Maximum Searches to 0
Click Appy.
I had to do this to my moms computer because of my younger brother. Never had a problem again.
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Thank you so much.
I haven't tried it yet, but i'm sure it will work when I get the chance, and she'll be completely lost as to why it doesn't work.
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  • DR Tech answered 5 years ago
    You can block all P2P ports using a firewall, of your choice, so even if he or she downloads it, it won't work either way. Just Password lock the firewall setting so no one can change it.
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