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Anne of Green Gables Books?

How many are there and what are the names of them in order?

My friend is getting me to read them and I am always wanting a full set not individual books when I buy them.

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    Dear god...there are a TON of Anne books. NOT just three, as I noticed another poster answered. For example, Rilla of Ingleside is an Anne book. The later books are about Anne and Gilbert's children, not just Anne. Montgomery was always asked to write more Anne books. By the way, the Emily books are also great. Jane of Lantern Hill is another favorite of mine, as well as The Blue Castle.

    From Wikipedia: Lucy Maud Montgomery's books on Anne Shirley # Book Date published Anne Shirley's age

    1 Anne of Green Gables 1908 11 — 16

    2 Anne of Avonlea 1909 16 — 18

    3 Anne of the Island 1915 18 — 22

    4 Anne of Windy Poplars 1936 22 — 25

    5 Anne's House of Dreams 1917 25 — 27

    6 Anne of Ingleside 1939 34 — 40

    7 Rainbow Valley 1919 41

    8 Rilla of Ingleside 1921 49 — 53

    Related books in which Anne Shirley plays a lesser part # Book Date published Anne Shirley's age

    — Chronicles of Avonlea 1912 —

    — Further Chronicles of Avonlea 1920 —

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    1. Anne of Green Gables

    2. Anne of Avonlea

    3. Anne of the Island

    4. Anne of Windy Poplars

    5. Anne's House of Dreams

    6. Anne of Ingleside

    7. Rainbow Valley

    8. Rilla of Ingleside.

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    "Anne of Green Gables" is the first one.

    There are seven sequels.

    The order:

    1) Anne of Green Gables

    2) Anne of Avonlea

    3) Anne of the Island

    4) Anne of Windy Poplars

    5) Anne's House of Dreams

    6) Anne of Ingleside

    7) Rainbow Valley

    8) Rilla of Ingleside

    anne is a kindred spirit =)

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    lol, i comprehend it quite is not it, regardless of if it quite is a quote approximately replace: "i'm not somewhat replaced--not particularly. i'm in basic terms in basic terms pruned down and branched out. the actual ME--returned right here--is in basic terms the comparable." - Anne good success with the different one, i'm hoping you come across it :]

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    I only own Anne of Anvola(sorry bout the spelling), i haven't read it yet, but i think there are three books to the series. I've heard they're pretty good.

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    Why in the world would you want to buy this? It is free to read on WebLiterature - and you can get the list of titles too, pretty obviously.

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