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please help me i have no were to put my pet alpaca ?

here is my alpaca

i am poor

i dont have a backyard has to live in my one room appartment

and he sh*its EVERYWERE no seiously i only have thesclothes im wearing and my alpaca cuz he shi*ted on them.this is my friends computer and i used her camra to take the picture please i might hve to give him away=[ to the kill-a-alpaca-association

his name is alshnog its polish

what can i do

ps i DONT have a backyard

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    ok 1 alpacas only go in one spot to go to the bathroom. 2 apartments wouldnt allow an alpaca. and 3 there is no such association. if you really need help with your alpaca there are plenty of places to go to. not to mention you can sell an alpaca for a min. of 2500 bucks. use it to get a life

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    For the sake of yourself and your alpaca I suggest selling it or at least get in touch with an alpaca farm where they can keep the animal and where the alpaca can live as it should do.

    Alpacas are not pets.

    See my source for a map and how to find alpaca farms.

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    you need to eather by some land or sell your alpaca

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