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Please help, im really scared. Spider bite? ?

so 3 days ago i noticed in the shower that i had sort of a zit like thing on my right thigh. it wasnt very big, but it still hurt. I think it had a head at first but now it doesnt. Then yesterday i was wearing kind of tight pants and it got huge. After school, i looked at it and it was huge. In the evening, it got even worse. It got to almost the size of my palm, with the zit like thing in the middle, but with no head or anything. now it sort of has a dark red dot there. When it was almost the size of my palm, it was really puffed up. It was so inflamed that i had to put ice on it. After that, the swelling went down a ton and i went to bed. Its morning now and it still hurts. Alll space around the zit thing hurt, and although its not as swelled up, the huge area around it is red. it hurts so bad idk if i will be able to walk if it gets worse. I dont know if it is an infected spider bite or something else but i doubt its a zit. if it were infected or s a spider bite what would i do?


and i also live in Minnesota..its winter and idk what kind of spiders we have here.

Update 2:

and i feel completely normal, i don't feel sick at all

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    WHY, have you not gone to the doctor already??

    Obviously what ever it is, it is very serious.

    There is one spider and it's bite that is very, very serious, like Big time serious. It is the 'recluse' spider. I don't know if you have them in your area of the country - I think they are throughout the US, but more so in some parts.

    You need to look it up on the internet and look at the pictures of its bite, symptoms, etc. ...the pictures are Not pretty!! What you describe sounds like it 'could' be.

    But do a little research, then get your B_tt to the doctor Today! Even if it isn't this, whatever it is needs to be looked at today.

    Wish you the best!

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    Hey! Cool down.. Most spiders are harmless to humans but about sixty varieties out of a pool of over 20,000 species are the exception to this rule. Of this subgroup the Hobo Spider, Yellow Sac Spider, Black Widow, and Brown Recluse are the most harmful. Further dividing the subgroup we find that only the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse can also carry disease and death. The habitat of the Brown Recluse is the **Southeastern and Midwestern United State.** Brown Recluses will live in dry places like cupboards, woodpiles, old tires, sheds, verandas, barns, basements, attics, and more; making a web in cracks and crevices. You will only come into contact with Brown Recluse bites if the spider feels it is threatened and only then will it bite. Even though the venom of the Brown Recluse is more toxic than a rattle snake it carries less disease. Brown Recluse bites do not contain high quantities of venom. The venom from Brown Recluse bites is still powerful enough to cause necrosis or tissue death. When the skin and blood cells break down, a condition called gangrene can set in therefore further rotting away the immediate skin around Brown Recluse bites. Left untreated, the victim can suffer from kidney failure, lapse in a coma, or die. However, victims do not always notice Brown Recluse bites or consider them dangerous in the initial stages. They might feel a burning sensational, itching, fever, and nausea or muscle pain days after the Brown Recluse bites. The Brown Recluse bite marks may only start out slightly red and heal in a few days. Sometimes the Brown Recluse bites blister and turn bluish in color (beginning of necrosis). If you suspect you have been bitten by a Brown Recluse, you will need to seek immediate attention and if at all possible bring the spider with you to the hospital. There are no specialized tests to identify Brown Recluse bites, but your doctor will take a history of the bite, time, place, etc. He will also order a CBC (complete blood count), urine tests, electrolytes test, and kidney function tests. First Aid home care should never replace medical care which is of the utmost importance. But in the interim before the ambulance from your 911 call comes in or before you can get to the doctor on your own, you can do a few of these things: Wash the wound with cool soapy water Apply an ice pack to the wound to reduce swelling Raise the wound site above the heart (if possible) Stay still and take a pain tablet Do not apply topical creams such as hydrocortisones and do not try to suck out the venom or cut it out, you can cause even more damage to your skin and body that way. Your doctor will be responsible for administering a tetanus shot, prescribe an antihistamine any other pain killers. There are some controversial methods of care reserved for the most severe cases such as the use of dapsone and steroids. Your doctor will make a follow up appointment for you to see how the Brown Recluse Bites are healing. In some cases hospitalization and or plastic surgery may be required.

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    It does sound like an infected spider bite. Not a problem because of venom, but because of the dirty mouth of a spider. You ned to go see your doctor to get antibiotics. You may have some infected muscle tissue. Go now before it gets worse. Are you having any hot flashes?

    Source(s): My son had this problem.
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    Sounds like you have a boil. To relive the pain, put a hot compress on it. This will also help reduce some of the pain. Then make an appt to see your Dr to make sure you don't have a staph infection in that area. If you do, he will put you on an antibiotic and all will be fine in a few day. Good Luck

    Source(s): RN 23 years
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    You need to go to either your Doctor or the ER ASAP, without examining you all anyone on here can do is make suggestions as to the cause and may be way of the mark. Get it seen by a doctor and get any treatment that you need to heal this thing

    Source(s): Retired nurse
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    I doubt it's a spider bite. I think it's probably staph,and you need antibiotics. 95% of all the patients I see that come in with a "spider bite" actually have staph.

    It won't go away without antibiotics. The lesions can get really big and can spread to other parts of your body.


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    go to your pharmacy and explain the bite, they may suggest some anti histamine. like the stuff you take for hayfever or allergies.

    This can help reduce the pain.

    But you should see your doctor he/she may be able to tell you what it was caused by and that way you can know to stay away from that in the future.

    Good Luck, sounds painful!

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    :O spiders :(

    well, i hope it WASN:T a spider bite

    And even though u feel completely normal, you should really go to a doctor and get it checked, cuz it doesn't sound too good..the doctor(s) would tell you what to do if it WAS infected or somthing like that.

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    You need to see a Doctor, immediately if not sooner. Next time don't wait so long. It could be a recluse, a black widow, a scorpion which are all bad.

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    er, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, get down the doctor's!

    We don't have poisonous spiders here in England, thank goodness - it makes me shiver to think of it.

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