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Why don't superheroes use guns?

I know that it makes for more of an action movie when superheroes fight & all that, but if they really existed, wouldn't you think they'd just use guns or other weapons to subdue someone? Why waste all that energy fist-fighting & jumping around when you can just shoot the bad guy?

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    well i think some do...



    & if they did exist...its not necessary tht they'd be rich enuf to buy all the artillery & ammo n' sh*t like tht...but if they've got powers...they'd hav to choose between kickin bad guy a** with their powers or becomin fry cooks in a burger joint or sumthin

    & generally superheroes fight super villians with different powers...wht if bullets didn't hurt the super villians...thn the superheroes wld hav no other choice but to use their powers...

    if the superheroes can afford the ammunition & if they fight normal human bad guys...thn i guess they'd choose guns...guns are always cool...

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    Superheroes are called super because they have extraordinary powers, powers out of the normal human abilities. If they just use guns or weapons then they are not really superheroes but just heroes. Furthermore, i think that just plainly killing the bad guy with like one bullet spoils the fun, action and suspense cause it all passes by too fast. Unless you really love those artillery stuff i think majority of the people would prefer watching people wasting their energy fist-fighting and jumping around, since it is so called more action-packed.

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    Superheroes are superheroes because they have powers. You wouldn't be a superhero with a gun. With a gun you're just an average joe. And most superheroes are impervious to guns anyways, it takes a lot more to kill a superhero then just a bullet!

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    If they will use Guns in action movies it will be boring and with no action

    and its time will reduce from 2 hours to 30 minutes

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  • 7 years ago

    Not true, Iron Man's suit had weapons, Green Hornet had machineguns on his car, Robocop and the Lone Ranger also had guns.

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    I dunno,shooting some one is much more fun! I mean really,Shadow might sometimes work on the wrong side but he can be a hero

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    Well Shadow The Hedgehog does!!!


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