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Once again over rated, Ana Ivanovic lost what's new?

I feel Ana Ivanovic is a overrated tennis player, i mean come on this girl is a joke, before i though ok, maybe Ana will be the next big thing in tennis just like Maria Sharapova was, and become a threat for those Grand Slam's. but something happen to Ana. i mean she always loses her matches now. the only thing she is good for is modeling for some cute pictures

Like everyone said it came too fast, too soon for Ana, hopefully she can learn this year, and find her game again, because she is not going to win a Grand Slam this year i promise you that.. Ana is having trouble beating lower ranked players.. these names are the future of tennis

1. Victoria Azarenkia

2.Caroline Wozniacki

3. Alize Cornet

(All Future Grand Slam Champions)

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    She may be overrated, but maybe not. Before she had won her maiden grand slam title, she had previously reached two grand slam finals first, 2007 French Open and 2008 Aussie Open.

    Let's compare her to other champions:

    Amelie Mauresmo reached the finals of 1999 Aussie Open, and had won her first slam in 2006 Aussie Open. That is a span of seven years. Kim Clijsters won her only slam title in 2005 after reaching the finals of the grand slams four times. Both women had been regarded as the best woman on tour without slams prior to winning one.

    Ana rates well ahead of them, Ana reached her first slam final in 2007 and had reached her second slam final in 2008 and finally winning her own slam in May 2008. A span of a year, she had been a tremendous talent to not to be looked upon.

    Though she may be incomparable to the likes of Justine Henin, Serena Williams, and Venus Williams, yet see this facts. Venus reached her first slam final in 1997 yet only won her first slam in 2000; a margin of three years slamless. Justine Henin reached her first slam final in 2001 and won her first slam in 2003, a span of two years.

    The numbers will not lie, but it speaks that Ana's progress as a slam contender is unquestionnable.

    What maybe in for Ana is that she had a nother bad day. In any player's life any good day is good, and any bad day is bad, as well it is unpredictable. And a bad day is always a worst day.

    Like Vee, though I love Venus Williams, she had been picked as one of the contenders of this year's Aussie Open, by winning back-to-back hard court titles in 2008 and by winning against the top 1, 2, 3, and 4 last year. She had a bad day against Carla, though cArla was superb yesterday!

    Ana's strengths are her forehand and her serve. But one of her downfalls today was the ball toss. She had a rocky ball toss nowadays that lessens the capability of her to make good first serves. She also lacked confidence these days, having a hard time defeating lower ranked players. She also had been in sort of pressure after attaining the top spot ranking last year. Ana had also a problem minimizing her UFEs these days.

    I hope Ana can get better so she can defend her title this summer.

    These and all can give credit to Ana, and makes her not a fluke or overrated. Actually, you know what, Ana was congenial and friendly in real life, come see her interview, she's more than a grand slam goddess.

    I think you lacked something in your list of future gand slam titlists....Hehehehehe!....

    Victoria azarenka

    Caroline Wozniacki

    Alize Cornet

    I would like to add

    Agnieszka Radwanska

    Carla Suarez Navarro

    Dominika cibulkova

    Victoria Azarenka had been in progress since late last year.

    Strengths: Serve, forehand crosscourt

    Weakness: aVerage speed

    Caroline Wozniacki:

    Strengths: Fearless attitude, forehand,

    weakness: serve

    Alize Cornet

    Strengths: Court coverage, backhand

    weakness: dress (she had been the cause of the great MArgaret court's outrage over the outfits of current players); looks like lindsay lohan if hair is let down

    Agnieszka Radwanska

    strengths: mental agility, drop shots, mind game

    weakness: weak serve but beautiful serve pattern

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    I think too many people are jumping on Ana's case. To say that she is overrated is too harsh. You don't just wake up and get to three grand slam finals, winning one. There is obviously something good about her game. Whatever that good was, she has lost it. But she is still young. Look at the other top players; the average age of the top 7 is 24. At 21, Ivanovic has room to grow and to improve.

    As for your list, I wouldn't start rooting for any of those girls yet, they also have some improving to do. I think Wozniacki has the game to do some damage, but she has some tweaking to do. For the other two, I don't know about slam winners but I can see some semi's a maybe some finals in their careers. I think it's really too early to tell. Look at Ivanovic or Vaidisova for that same reason.

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    Yeah, she really isn't playing very well now.... so many unforced errors, struggling so hard just to stay in the match... looking at the women's tour right now, there really is no decisive #1, is there? Everyone's just moving up and down the rankings, some performing erratically, some performing brilliantly, which is why we see all these upsets and stuff.

    Really hope Ana gets her game on soon, or else she probably won't be a contender for any of the grand slam titles. :/ I'm sure this loss has also added to her self doubt and extenuated her lack of confidence. C'mon Ana!

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    Lay off her, only one person can win every match in a tournament. All the top seeds are struggling right now. She is just going through a bit of a slump right now. I like to compare it to Tiger Woods around the 2004 season when he lost his world #1 rank. He was really good before, went through a bit of a rough patch, then came back better than he has ever been. I feel the same thing is going to happen with Ana Ivanovic. She just needs to find her game again, and then she will be a force to be reckoned with.

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    It isnt so much about being over rated, Ana's problem is more so that she is trying to be "stylish" in the sense that she doesnt have that hunger, drive within any more since her big win. Instead she goes on court and thinks more so about what should I do now, how should I react now, how does a top player think, act now. Tries to hold her emotions in a classy manner, and plays cautiously. She doesnt whack the ball as she did when she got to this level. Its all in her head. She needs to adjust and get ehr drive back and stop thinking that she now she is a Slam Champ, that she has to be a certain way. She plays way too reserved.

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    After the french open last year she went down hill...i thought she was going to be the next big thing but now after losing so many matches to others that are not even ranked in the top 100 is sad. she doesnt deserve to be in the top 5 anymore i think shes overated too i hate when she fist pumps everytime she wins a point that makes me hate that girl I wasnt shocked when she lost that match because its not new to her these past months=)

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    Hey GB fan,

    You describe Ana as "a joke". Well based on the last 52 weeks she is ranked 5th in the world in her chosen profession, where do you rank in yours?

    During the last 6 years she has earned $6million in prize money and who knows how much in sponsorship, how much have you earned in the last 6 years?

    If anyone should be described as "a joke" then its people like you who wildly criticize those with the courage, self discipline, and dedication to reach the top few place in the world for what they do!

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    I agree with the three names suggested by u. But I think Ana is defintiely not a bad player. For this loss, pity for her, bravo for Kleybanova. I feel sorry for and saddened by Ana. Improve Ana! GO ANA

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    Dude all the female leads are playing badly...

    Stop bashing her.

    Wozniacki just got bumped out of the AO to Dokic (ranked 175), Venus lost to Navarro (ranked 140) and Jankovic is struggling to defeat unranked nobodies.

    Your judging from two games she's playing currently. If your going to be so short-sighted you might as well say half the contenders in the AO are now playing really badly.

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    I saw someone on ESPN television mention that Ivanovic's serve has lost it's effectiveness and that she's throwing the ball to the right too much. It doesn't have the power it had last year.

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