Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentOther - Politics & Government · 1 decade ago, is it a (LEFT), or (RIGHT) website ?

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    Favorite Answer is mostly in the middle but does go a little to the right, about as much as MSNBC recently started leaning to the left. was founded by ex-Reagan guys.

    Left or right really depends on your viewpoint--if you think that Fox is in the middle then to you then everything is to the left. If you think that Daily Kos is the middle then you think that everything is to the right. In reality, the major networks (CBS, CNN, etc) are neutral but will have stories that go both ways.

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    1 decade ago

    "left" and "right" don't really mean much anymore. These days, any medium that does not openly criticize the Democratic party is probably considered "left." In fact, I think it is quite telling that we now automatically assume that a medium is going to be either "right" or "left," which suggests that there really isn't a reliable source for news anymore, just opinions. seems to be a pretty straightforward medium. It has news, and it does not try to disguise punditry and editorials as the news.

    what was "center" 2-3 decades ago is now "far left" in the United States, because of the fierce nationalism-fascism that has taken hold as mainstream.

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